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Reality Unscripted
Nurse Praise Love and Win!

As nurses, we are constantly striving to be helpful, positive and encouraging to our patients and co-workers. Fastaff Travel Nursing is offering a contest to all nurses who have a story to tell. They want to hear inspiring stories of how patients and peers have touched you.

Beginning October 9th, 2015 through November 6, 2015, you can click and enter your story.

Nursing is a profession with a lot of responsibility and pressures. Recalling inspiring and enriching moments can certainly remind us that there is good in this world and as a nurse we are contributing and appreciated.

Did you know that being grateful can be healthy? As we move into the Fall and Thanksgiving is approaching, I remember seeing this post about how giving thanks and being grateful is not only enriching, it is also healthy.

Playing off the theme of the popular book and movie, Eat, Pray, Love, the Nurse, Praise, Love contest is focused on sharing inspiring stories of how nursing enriches lives. So share a story of your own and encourage your friends to do the same. By the way, there is a prize drawing for a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card if you enter.

We would also love to hear your story, just share it in the comments.

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