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Seasoned with Sage
Build Your Wealth

Nurses may not feel well paid all the time, but a few simple strategies can turn even the most meager salary into actual wealth-and help you survive tough economic times now and in the future.

The first step is to take advantage of your 401(k) or another retirement fund. Most employers will match up to 3 percent of your salary in a 401(k), but if you don't put 3 percent of your own in, you don't get their 3 percent.

Who wants to miss out on a 3 percent gift? It's basic math that you might already understand, but the real value is that the 3 percent now could make you a millionaire much sooner than you think! Try plugging in the numbers-you'll be amazed

The other strategy is to avoid expensive little habits. Take for instance the $5 cup of coffee. If you didn't spend five dollars a day on a cup of coffee, you'd save $35 a week-that's over $100 a month and $1,000 a year! This habit-and others like it-suck up your money, and your potential to create wealth for the long-run.

Lastly, the credit card caveat we've been told time and again: Credit cards can be the kiss of death if not managed appropriately. Everyone needs a credit card, I understand, for emergencies. And you should have a credit card to build a credit rating, so that when you want to buy a house, you can. But make a pledge to yourself that you'll pay it off every month-so you won't waste your money on nasty finance charges.

On the other hand, cash is key. When you've got money-cash in the bank-you have choices. You can negotiate on houses. You can negotiate on cars. You've got power when you have cash. So, try each paycheck to stash away a small percentage. It will add up-and you'll be happy you did it when you look to purchase big-ticket items later on.

What are some of your best tips for building wealth from your salary? Share your ideas with the community.

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One Response to “Build Your Wealth”

  1. Brittany Says:

    Please someone answer the question at the end of this article! I’m a graduate nurse who just started my first career job on a med/surg floor, and I have to admit, I’m actually kind of overwhelmed by the whole wealth management concept. Help!

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