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Your Personal Growth
We’re Cheering You On as You Become the Expert!

Many of you may be celebrating National Nurses Week, 2008 for the first time as professional Registered Nurses. You have entered nursing at a time when there is a great deal to be proud of.

Several thousand hospitals have achieved “Magnet” recognition, and while these are not perfect places to work in, they are easing the transition for new nurses. The magnet standards have improved working conditions, continuing education opportunities, and opportunities for nurses’ voices to be heard. This has raised the bar for all nurses. You may not realize that these things were not present until fairly recently. So take charge of your career and the opportunities available.

It is said that the first year of professional practice is the most difficult. Take advantage of all the assistance available to you, to ease your way. Attend as many continuing education programs as possible. If your hospital has a mentoring program, use it.  Or, at least, find 1-2 experienced nurses whom you trust for support and advice. Ask how they organize their day or what their secrets are for surviving the night shift.

You’ll be surprised by their answers--they are not what you think.

Some assignments seem impossible, and certain nurses, doctors or other staff may still “eat their young.” But remember,  for every person who makes it tough for you, there are 99 of us out here cheering you on--as our newest generation of the caring, professional nurses that we know you already are—and truly proficient, and even EXPERT (as Patricia Benner says), nurses you will one day be!

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