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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

After being laid-off twice since graduating last year, I finally got a job offer as an Acute Care Traveling Apheresis RN (I'll cover 74 hosp in a 75-mile radius). This job sounds awesome---lots of autonomy; I won't be stuck in one place for 8+ hours, 1:1 patient contact; cutting-edge technology in a highly specialized field (which will soon boom b/c of the stem cell stuff [...]
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Visitor Topics

Hello everyone,

Well I have been a nurse for just over three years.

I began my career as a new nurse in a small community hospital. It took me about a year to be comfortable there. I remember being so anxious driving into work...almost in tears! But soon enough I got used to the processes, and began to precept new nurses and be charge RN.

Well I have [...]
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