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Kim Rapper, RN, BSN, has years of precepting experience; she knows the struggles between preceptors and orientees. In this video, she shares what orientees don't know about their preceptors--and how this knowledge could lead to a more positive precepting experience.

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Keeping your experience positive by what you say.

Contrary to nursing legend, preceptors aren’t villains. They want you to succeed, and, if given the chance, could be your best advocate. After all, most of them have volunteered for the job or have been identified by their manager as the type of person who would be able to help you best. When preceptor-new nurse relationships get to the point of intervention, it’s not always [...]
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Managing Your Career
Preparing new nurses for the long-haul.

Your first day on the job, did you quiver when you did an IV start? Most new nurses feel ill-equipped and insecure their first year. And according to Jean Roberson, a nurse educator who implemented a residency program at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, IL, their stress will peak at the six-month mark--once orientation is over.

Fortunately, some hospitals have begun to recognize the benefit [...]
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4 bits of advice before you ditch your preceptor.

Fight or flight. It’s the choice we’re given when faced with a difficult situation. When it comes to a failing precepting relationship, most new nurses choose the latter—and want to scrap their preceptor for a new-and-improved model. Kim Rapper, RN, BSN and a veteran preceptor, says to listen up: Your preceptor won’t be perfect, and you probably will have some conflicts. But that doesn’t mean [...]
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Rookie Wit & Wisdom

When I first started as a new nurse, I had 2-3 patients on my own for the first week. I was given 7 patients after the first week, and then the next day 8!

My preceptor told me to handle all the patients, and if I needed her, to come ask any questions. I handled it the best way I knew how.

But when I asked [...]
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4 qualities you don’t want in your first coach.

It can be a grab bag: Will you get a good preceptor or a bad preceptor? Often you don’t
know the clear answer to that question until you’re well into your orientation. Then it may
be too late to request a change. Kim Rapper, RN, BSN and Reality RN Senior Advisor, has
had years of precepting experience. She knows the tell-tale signs of a lax preceptor. So you [...]
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How mentors help new nurses succeed.

You just finished your precepting experience. Overall, it was positive, but you still have a bazillion-and-one questions. While your preceptor said you could ask her anything, for some reason your personalities just didn’t click—you don’t feel comfortable continuing to ask for support.

Maybe it’s time you looked for a mentor, someone who shares similar goals and who will support you for the long haul of your [...]
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7 principles for starting off right.

It is the profession’s worst nightmare: a nurse draws 3 cc’s of insulin instead of 3 units.  Thankfully, a preceptor is there to double-check the dosage. It could have been lethal.

The first few months of most nursing jobs begin with working with a preceptor—a mentor who is by your side to make sure nothing goes amiss.  Whether you are fresh out of nursing school about [...]
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