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Am I too old to go to Nursing School n be hired at 57?

Hello: I need serious advice. Am I too old to be hired as a Nurse, If I will be 56 years old when I finish my A.A.
In Nursing? I have a alreadyin another Industry. Can't get hired because of my age. :-(

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2 Responses to “Am I too old to go to Nursing School n be hired at 57?”

  1. lvj Says:

    No you will not be too old to get a position, however, it won’t be easy. You need to start networking with a purpose now. You need to determine what your expertise is going to be and start becoming an expert now. Go to conferences in your chosen field make sure to bring business cards and pass them out. Make sure to join your local nursing organizations and become an active member, sit on boards and don’t forget to write articles for your local paper, chamber of commerce or online nursing community. You will always be able to get a job in a skilled nursing facility or You can always start your own clinic if you continue your education and get a MSN. Being a nurse at 56 is a great accomplishment, go for it.

  2. Nursingprof Says:

    No. I had a student in the same situation and she started out as a CNA while in nursing school to get her foot in the door. She already has 2 job offers at 2 separate hospitals, and will graduate in May. Older students make great employees because they come with life experience, maturity, and communication skills. Besides, they exude trust, respect, and experience just because they “look the part”. When you are 57 and a nurse, people naturally assume you have lots of experience. 🙂

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