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Blundering Board

I was licensed as an RN in TN but moved to LA. I applied for licensure by endorsement in Nov of 2016. The board wanted me to get a substance abuse evaluation done. I did a 3 day eval and was told I needed 90 days of inpatient rehab. I went back to TN and got arrested in Jan of 2017. I did 3 days in jail and was bonded out. I immediately drove back to the rehab to do my 90 days. I told the counselors there of my recent arrest. It was documented in both my H&P and discharge summary which was sent to the Board. Upon completion of rehab I entered into a monitoring contract with the board and was given a license. I worked overtime before I had the privilege and violated my board contract. My license was suspended for 6 months. I recently applied for reinstatement. The board contacted me and said I lied on the reinstatement application and my file was being turned over for investigation. They claim they never knew of my arrest. There was a question which asked if I have any pending criminal matters which have not been previously reported. They are also telling me I wont get my license reinstated until I finish my prejudicial diversion program. What do you guys think?

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