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Suggestion for Community Health Nursing

Hi. I'm a BSN student in a community health clinical, and I am helping to design a community assessment and intervention project. I live in the greater Cincinnati area, so I have access to urban, suburban, and rural communities. I would be interested in any thoughts on this issue. Thanks!


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One Response to “Suggestion for Community Health Nursing”

  1. amyf5135 Says:

    Hi Sarah-
    I just graduated last year and had a very similar project- I went to Ohio State. My group looked at access to health care in a certain zip code of Columbus. We surveyed the area, looked for health care organizations, interviewed health care providers at the few places and we interviewed community members at non-health care related places. We did not have to do an intervention but our assessment found that many people were using ERs as primary care due to many social issues. Our planned intervention was to make some sort of information guide for that zip code as to all the clinics, primary care offices, etc were in that area. We had to present our project to people involved in Columbus public health. Hope that helps! Good luck!

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