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When should I go back to school

Hi There,

I am a 22 year old new nurse of 7 months. I graduated in December 2009. I work on a surgical floor and love it. It has its ups and downs and I am obviously still new so I get overwhelmed and still feel like I don\'t know anything, but I\'m starting to feel a little more comfortable. However, I want to go back to school. While in School I was always set on being a Nurse Practitioner, but now being in the nursing world and not feeling very confident, I\'m starting to doubt myself and what I should do.

I don\'t know when I should go back to school ( I was thinking by one year or 2 at the latest) and what I should go to back to school for. I don\'t know what\'s out there other than a Nurse Practitioner and definitely want more experience before going back to school.

Any ideas on when to go back and what for would be so helpful. I just don\'t know what\'s out there. I love being a leader and making things happen!

Leanna :)

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One Response to “When should I go back to school”

  1. Jon Says:

    Start now , everyone I’ve talked to says they wished they had started back to school sooner… It sounds like your job is going well and your enthusiasm is still pumped !!! Go now find a friend or co worker to take classes with !!! That helps to get started again… I work with some great young nurses and they keep each other moving forward for going to school !!!! Sign up for a class and get your feet wet again . I was going to get my RN after getting my LPN and I’ve stalled out …. It’s hard to get restarted again… the longer the wait the harder it is to start !!! Good luck and get going NOW !!!! : )

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