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Dismissed battery Illinois

Hello.. So I'm trying not to freak out but it's difficult. I had a dismissed battery on my record. I only thought we had to mark yes if we were convicted of something for the nclex. So I passed my boards and found 2 amazing jobs. Was about to start and then got a letter saying it's suspended and I can't practice. I had to send in a statement and my court documents.

I know that every submission is handled on a case by case basis. I hope I explained myself well, I took accountability and explained what I have done to overcome it.

If anyone has a similar situation can yly please tell me the outcome and how long it took? I don't want to lose these jobs bit they will only wait so long. I call the BON everyday and they tell me very little. Today I was told that my case was sent to a nurse liason. I have no idea what that even means. Then he said to call back in 3 weeks!!

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