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DUI while in nursing school

I am a musician and work on a regular basis as one in PA where i live.
In March, after a gig (In my last semester) i was arrested for DUI. My attorney assures me that I will be getting the \"ARD\" program- this is an avenue whereby i get probation, a short DL suspension, take alcohol classes, eventually resulting in no record or conviction. Thank God.
I graduated nursing school with good grades, and passed my NCLEX one month later with 75 questions. Im so scared that I have not been able to enjoy any of this. At the moment, im in judicial \"limbo\" awaiting formal confirmation of my application into this \"ARD\" program. To confound the issue, I am currently donning a Lindsey Lohan alcohol monitor, presumably until my hearing in 20 days.
I know I will be a great nurse. I really want to begin the application process at nearby health systems- ED\'s... But i don\'t know what to do about employers\' expectations, especially when I need to renew this new RN license next year. I am not going to hide anything from anybody, but i don\'t know what the pa bon will do, or when. I would hate to commit to a job, only to have my license suspended next year, or month (for all I know). I have shopped these questions to distant hospital HR dept.\'s outside the immediate market but to no avail, no response.
Im scared, and feel really alone... I need to be making money and need the health insurance benifits.
Personally, i ceased to drink alcohol. I attend AA meetings, somewhat out of fear, somewhat for the perspective i get. But this being my first arrest (at least in North America), I think I will be ok in the long term. Unfortunately, i need to know when I can safely apply for jobs without sullying the positions I REALLY want.
If anyone has any advice for me, i really need to hear it. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “DUI while in nursing school”

  1. Maddie Says:

    How did everything work out for you? Did you get approved for a license? Are there restrictions on you license?

  2. Alexis Says:

    Hello, I too got a DUAI in the last month of nursing school. It did not affect my license at all and as long as you do not get a second offense your O.K. Look it up by your state, but after 3 years you can get it expunged off your record and can then answer an honest “no” on applications. So, no worries!

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