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Failed LPN and Now failed 2nd semester RN... Now what??

Hello all, I am at a complete loss for words, not because I do not know what to say, but because I am embarrassed. I am in my late Thirties I left a very good paying job to go back to school. I started in an LPN program but failed out by the second month.(due to A&P ).. After that failure, I wasn't as down about things because I knew I really wanted to be an RN, so I finished up all my Pre Reqs and later got admitted to the traditional 2 yr RN program. Well now the second semester has just ended and I missed the 75% by 3 test questions.. yes 3 questions.. I have already secured my spot at school to repeat my 2nd semester and then just hope that I pass 3rd and 4th as well.. Here is my dilemma, I have one month to decide if I even want to return to school or just do look for a full time job, my family has struggled financially since I left my last job and I am wondering if it is even worth our financial worries to try school again after failing two different programs, because obviously something is not clicking.. I changed my way of studying and pin pointed my specific learning style and studied according to my learning methods, yet still , something isn't clicking.. How do I even know this is for me? I prayed and prayed about it, and asked that if in this 1 month I get a good paying job then maybe I will just forget about Nursing all together, but then again something in the back of my mind tells me to not quit because two of my closest friends failed out of this same program at least 1 of the 4 semesters but came back to be even better and more confident and passed their NCLEX on the first try.. So could this have happened to me for this same reason? To come back a better more confident Nurse? I am soooo lost and confused at this point.. Please help, Anyone...

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