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failed out of 2 nursing programs

I have been to 2 different nursing programs. The first one I was young and wasn't really as focused as I was the second time I took nursing. I failed out of the program and thank God a CUNY school accepted me to their program.

The second time I was in the nursing program on the different school I was more focused, more persistent and really wanted to finish nursing. I did hit a bump in the road and was going through something so I had to repeat OB&psych and passed. Then on my 3rd semester (medsurg&peds)I gave everything I can of course because I just wanted to finish and I was so close to reaching my dream. Then come the final exam. I failed. Broke my spirit. It felt like it was the end of the world. I went straight to depression. Did not want to see nor talk to anybody. I stayed in my room the entire time. Even during Christmas and New Years. I just went out to say hi to people and went back to my room and just stayed in there the whole entire time.

Then decided to email my professor to review my final exam. She messed up my scantron and added some points but did not add them on the final grade she has on her file because she said "it won't change your average anyway. you still failed". I just lost my fighting spirit. I didn't know what to do after that. I have been so down. Don't know what else I can do. I only had 1 more semester left to graduate nursing school and just because of that 1 professor who hated that her students did well (she wasn't too happy when all of us did great on our cardiac exam).

Then with that already being depressed with failing out of yet another nursing school, my parents weren't too happy with the results. They even pulled me lower than how I already was. Having your loved one telling you "Are you sure you have a normal brain or are you abnormal? You're so useless. Worthless. How can you say that you've been studying hard and still failed?"

I hope someone can give me any suggestions on what to do next.

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One Response to “failed out of 2 nursing programs”

  1. Nursingprof Says:

    I would contact the student affairs VP and start the appeals process. They can handle the investigation into all of your grades for that class and will look at how many others failed as well. As a professor, I advise students in my role, and if it was a student who failed my own course and they felt unfairly treated, I would encourage them to appeal. What do you have to lose? Giving up solves nothing and you have invested a lot in yourself. Best of luck.

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