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false record of health history

It was the week before I was going to apply for the NCLEX and I decided to go all out on drugs as a final goodbye. To grow and become an adult, FINALLY! Never did LSD and took it to try it, along with snorting stuff my cousins brought to the table. Of course, I end up in the hospital because i can't fathom the distorted reality I was in. I had a "bad trip" and called the cops who laughed at me and told me they could either take me to the hospital or I could call a friend. I actually chose the hospital. An ambulance took me to the hospital that I work at... I am actually about to start preceptoring there... well the doctor who saw me decided I had an actual drug problem. She diagnosed me with a substance disorder. referred me for treatment. I'm appalled that she diagnosed me with this. It will follow me for the rest of my life, will it not? as a nurse, we read pt's histories and I judge those who have that on their record. what am I to do? I think I fucked up my life doing this. And in order to apply for the NCLEX, they ask if you've ever been referred to a drug treatment program... what do I do?

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2 Responses to “false record of health history”

  1. Archangejulien Says:

    Nurse Jana, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

  2. Annonymous Says:

    I recommend being honest, that is all you can do. I know at this point you may feel that you have been betrayed or let down, but try to take a deep look within yourself and your situation. You may find that you do in fact have a problem, and the only thing holding you back is acknowledging it. I don’t know you or your situation so I cannot determine that.
    All I can say is try to be positive, because there will be a point in the future that you will understand why this happened. You will look back and appreciate this part of life’s journey , and realize what you have learned from it.

    While reading your post about “deciding to go all out,” I will be honest: I was a little concerned for your health and safety.
    To grow and become an adult does not consist of “going all out on drugs as a final goodbye”
    Using non-prescribed drugs ultimately started with a choice and it was yours, no one chose for you.

    One other way to look at this situation would be to remember that as nurses it is our responsibility to asses our patients and set “judgement” aside. (because we truly don’t know every situation each patient has encountered)

    Because of this experience you will be a well rounded and understanding nursing professional. You have acquired the ability to not jump to conclusions and make judgements about patients because of your own personal experience.

    I wish you luck!

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