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Feeling like a new nurse again!

Hello everyone,

Well I have been a nurse for just over three years.

I began my career as a new nurse in a small community hospital. It took me about a year to be comfortable there. I remember being so anxious driving into work...almost in tears! But soon enough I got used to the processes, and began to precept new nurses and be charge RN.

Well I have recently relocated, and have started working on a step-down at a bigger hospital, with much sicker patients, and new procedures/monitoring to get used to. I am so anxious to go into work! I think I anticipated this second time to go smoother, because I was thinking "well at least I'm not a brand new nurse this time". But I feel like a brand new nurse again!!!!

I'm pretty hard on myself, and can be a perfectionist. I hate not knowing all the answers, and people have told me I need to give myself more time- the nurse educator told me it will probably take me a year to feel comfortable here too. But I hate feeling unsure about my progress and ability to do this job. I think about it all the time at work, and will wake up thinking oh man I forgot to chart that! Right now I feel like it's taking over my personal life too!

Has anyone had a difficult transition to a new hospital/position??? Any insight?

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One Response to “Feeling like a new nurse again!”

  1. Mai Says:

    I am a newer nurse too. As of the experience, i have been assigned to a general ward for a year as a junior nurse. As junior nurse we were assigned to precept new nurses. Just this April i was assigned to ICU.

    Being an icu nurse giving me so much anxiety because of straining myself to learn all critical care, procedures, medications and all in an instant. Even though i have been a junior nurse at the ward, i feel really noob. I even get so nervous when something is wrong with my patient. I still having hard time doing morning cares, and i constantly need someone to check on me because im afraid ive done wrongly. I actually wanting myself to “know-it-all” because im ashamed that other nurses will complain about me of not knowing. Sigh!

    I really feel you. We sure need a year to be comfortable with our units. If only we only get there sooner.

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