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Florida DUI...should I self report, will I lose my license

I have been a registered nurse for 13 years. I was arrested for a DUI blew .12 - .13, had to call into work the next day because I was in jail ( I said I was sick). I have a DUI lawyer handeling the case so I dont know if I will be convicted or not. I have never been arrested before, do not use drugs, usually do not drink if I have to work the next day, have a good reputation/good evals at work (been at my current job for 9 years).I have learned my lesson and will not drink and drive ever again or drink if I have to work the next day...the penalties are harsh and I could of gotten in an accident and hurt someone. Should I self report or wait to see if my DUI charges are dropped. I have heard to FL BON is pretty tough on these issues. Obviously I cant afford to lose my job or license and worry about employment in the future. Anyone elese been in this situation and give me advise? I appreciate it soooo much Thanks!!!


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21 Responses to “Florida DUI…should I self report, will I lose my license”

  1. Elaine Says:

    I was in a similar situation, dont panic. As long as this is your first offense, your lawyer will negotiate a plea deal to reckless driving(not reported to the board like a parking ticket). So there is no need to self report, only if you have a misdemeanor or felony charge which will not happen in this case. You will ultimately have to pay the attorney, fines, attend DUI classes, and probably some community service. I had to do 96 hours at a local church cleaning, not so bad. You will get past this but do not involve the board, you have not been convicted of any crime to report to them.

  2. susie Says:

    Thanks Elaine for the reply. I appreciate any advise from anyone who has been in my position! I embarassed and have only told a couple close friends (none of them nurses) Problem is…my license will up for renewal soon and my criminal case will not be resolved by then. I think they will find out about it anyway when I try to renew my license so maybe it is best to just go ahead and self report? Did your situation happen in flordia? I was told that even a reckless driving plea has to be reported to the board, any kind of plea, pre-trial diversion etc has to be reported, that is my understanding.

  3. Joan Says:

    Hi Susie:

    I read your plight because I am in the exact same situation as you and did self-report. I am 48 years old and have never had a DUI. I was convicted of a DUI, though the reckless driving charge was dropped. I reported right away and the board was very kind. I will have to follow-up with the sentencing as they do that at two separate court events. I don’t want you to be dinged with a later punishment for NOT reporting. My employer was also required to report and they have been very supportive. I lost my administrative hearing which means my driver’s license was revoked and so I was without transportation for 30 days and now have a work permit. It’s been the most humiliating experience ever! If granted probation, I will have to drive with an interlock for a year. In any case, though I am embarrassed and have mentioned it to few people, I am meeting more nurses through my required AA meeting that have been through this. I just don’t want you to not report and get in more trouble.

    I am thinking of moving to Florida. Do you like nursing there? I am a certified pediatric nurse.

  4. Leslie Says:

    Do not self report. With medicine being what it is and the liability I wouldn’t risk it. If you do they will likely put you in a monitoring program . I’ve seen it happen. However if you find you found that you do indeed have a problem get into rehab now and do not disclose to your work why.

  5. Tallie Says:

    I was convicted of a DUI in Florida last year. It was my first offense and I had a lawyer but they would not negotiate a lesser plea of reckless driving. I blew a .14. I admit I was very intoxicated. Thank God i did not hurt anyone. I have never gone drinking when I had to work the next day and never have done drugs. I did report myself to the DOH. After 6 months they dropped the case and I kept my license. I lost my job while waiting for The DOH’s decision. I am currently seeking another job, but it is hard with a criminal record (even if it is a 2nd degree misdemeanor. I am so embarrassed. I have not drunk and drive since then. I knew that if I did not report the DUI it would haunt me in the future. But I did wait until the finial judgement was heard. While I was waiting for my sentence the DOH never knew and I did renew my license during that time.

  6. Lefty Says:

    I did self report and do not recommend it; I am in a program, 5 years of scrutiny (2 left), restrictions and random drug testing.
    Personally, I needed the program and would have been turned in for diversion eventually.
    Get a lawyer who knows this system and find out what you must do and do no more.

  7. annelieseRN Says:

    No. I live in NJ and I did not even know that I should report such a thing as a DUI. Bottom line is why tie your own knot around your neck? Let them do the job they are suppose to get paid for, then, when it arises deal with it. I would however suggest never to lie when your nursing license is up for renewal. But you would be suprised how much the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing or perhaps, it is simply greed that will let you slide by. I do not know, but no, do not self report.

  8. Linda Says:

    In 2004-2005 I had two DUI’s back to back due to a very serious divorce, I was a nurse for 34 years and my work performance has never been in jepordy. I went thru rehab, classes payed my fines and remained sober. In 2006 when I had to renew I checked the box which ask if you ever were convicted of a DUI? I didn’t want to to check the box, but didn’t want to be charged with fraud either. When the board found out after the two years I was faced with basically being convicted all over again. $10,000 for a “Professional Lawyer” from Harrisburgh, I lost and was required to enter a monitored program for 5 years and go thru rehab again! SOBER go thru rehab! I chose not to do this because I paid already…I am no longer a nurse..working on a Masters in Human Resources..DO NOT SELF REPORT

  9. JT Says:


    Admit when you make a mistake, and fall upon your sword. As a nurse, you don’t want people drinking a driving, and you are supposed to know that this is wrong. As healthcare providers, we have to role-model good behavior. I hear a lot of people telling you to hide it, and trust me, hiding a problem will only make it worse. Typically, a DUI is the first obvious sign that you are an alcoholic. I hear a lot of denial in these posts, but face it, you are still drinking, and you have a problem controlling your drinking, and your impulses when you do drink (example, thinking that getting behind the wheel is a good idea)

    Count your blessings, you didn’t hurt or kill anyone, and although it’s embarrasing, own up to what you did, and take the punishment. It might be the only way for you to quit drinking for good.

    I lost my license in 2002 for a similar problem, and it took a lot of work to get it back, but it was worth every step.

    Denial of a problem is the first sign of a problem-

    Take care and good luck,


  10. Cindy Says:

    In CA, the DMV automatically reports you to the board. You will not lose your license, but you will probably have to be in an IPN program an equivalent to a diversion program here in CA…Don’t worry, because after you’re done with the program, they will expunged your record like it never happened!!! Good luck…you should self report, because that would make it look like your taking responsibility, and start going to AA meeting daily and make sure that the secretary signs your paper to prove that your attending a meeting, do a 90/90 meaning 90 meetings in 90 days!!!! You will be fine….

  11. cookie Says:

    Self report so you can handle the board at the same time you handle the court mess. you dont want to not report it and then after all is said in done on of the court stipulaitons was to attend treatment and report it now 6 or 7 months down the road you are having to sit out of work while paying 400 to be evaluated by IPN and anotyher 30 days before the group decides wether you gho back to work or not. try to have part of your sentncing be some type of counsling AA meetings and pick your own ouptatient help so when you are before the judge and the board you look responsible and have completed most of the things that would have been forced upon you. now you may still have to do an IPN stint but for the most part DUIs are givne 2 years and are out of the weekly meeting crap in 1 year and done with IPN. but that is if you truly dont have a problem. If you have a problem then IPN will be your best friend when it comes to the FBON. like Cindy says have the secretary sign all of your meetings for proof of attendance. Im not telling you something I heard Im telling you something I know. You dont want to be caught out at a time in life when least expected and have to deal with the board, because all it takes is somebody anybody to pick up the phone and call your employer or email the board and all hell will break lose. just time it so it works together and ends together. Good Luck.

  12. Amy Says:

    So clearly I will never drink and drive. Wow. I would never want to go through this. Kudos to those that have faced their demons and won. Not that I condone drinking and driving, but there are a lot of other ways people get hurt in cars, fatigue, texting, cell phones, kids all distractions. It is too bad that a one mistake can effect your career so much. Good luck to all of you.

  13. sarah Says:

    Hi, I got my first dui the day before i sat for my boards. It was HIGHLY suggested to me to self report my dui to the ABON. I am still waiting a reply from them. And just so you know in Arizona, the nurse practice act states you must report ANY arrest within 10 days…I didnt know this, so I reported it when I found this out( about 5 weeks later). I am currently trying to find a job as new grad nurse and now have this other burden effecting my chances. Drinking and driving is a terrible thing, I made a huge mistake and now must pay the consequences. My children are learning an important lesson, which for that I am greatful. I dont believe because a nurse makes this mistake , they should be crucified. We are humans and the only One who can judge us is God. I hope everything works out for everyone going through this nightmare. Day by day, moment by moment I try and find a purpose this is all happening. God Bless.

  14. EZ Says:

    I got my dui oct 16 2009. Ive been lic. for 2 yrs in CA. I hired an attorney to handle the case and after 7 months of court dates, pre-trial conference was the final decision. I was charged with wet and reckless blowing 0.10. I received my renewal lic. the last week of Aug. and also received a letter from BRN enforcement dept. notifying me that I had a license disciplined by a government agency. So now I have to provided all information for the disciplinary action.. If anyone faced a similar case feel free to post..
    Need help on a general layout for written letter to BRN. Some thing thats to there taste… Thanks

  15. Joan Says:

    Just following up, here. I would really like to nurse in Florida. I am almost finished with my probation and getting ready to get my license back. Questions for Florida nurses: Will this charge preclude my ability to nurse in Florida though I have no other record other than speeding, parking tickets throughout the years? I no longer drink and have been through all the probation requirements.

  16. JamieC Says:

    I to have a DUI 4 years ago,now I want to get license in fl. Ive been to rehab,3months,6months of relaps prevention and passed all drug screens. With an atterny would I still have to do the ipn program?

  17. Carla Says:

    I currently live in Indiana and received my Florida nursing license two weeks ago. I had a charge for dealing marijuana in 91′, 1998 a DUI and 2001 a DUI. I received my nursing license in 2007. Currently I work for a hospital and have kept a clean work record and criminal record. My question is. .. When applying for nursing jobs in Florida do I disclose this on my application ? I received my license after the fact . How far do they go back ? Can I even get a job there ? I am a good nurse. My mistakes were a result of dealing with a death of a sibling and depression.

  18. Frank Says:

    If you are not convicted yet, for the love of GOD, do not report!!! Why would you want to report something your not even found guilty of. If guilty then read your states BON laws and take the appropriate action. Innocent until proven guilty, remember that!!!! Keep in mind some state BON have laws in which you have to report an arrest within a certain time frame, however, if that’s the case make sure your attorney drafts the letter!!!

  19. Amy Says:

    For those asking questions about Florida BON, I have a DUI amended to a wet reckless from 2006 (when I was 18 years old). I was able to get my RN license no problem, I did report the reckless driving conviction on my BON/DOH application and sent in all the required paperwork (certified final disposition, recommendation letters, etc). I have a great job working in a NICU and I love it. Having said that, I have recently looked into getting my record expunged and IN FLORIDA, you are not eligible for expunction if you have EVER been convicted or pled no contest to a DUI or Reckless driving…so therefore, I am not eligible and it will remain on my record forever. I am nervous if I ever seek employment elsewhere this will come back to haunt me.

  20. Karen Says:

    I live in Indiana..applied for my RN license and waiting to be granted a license. Livescan done on April 9. I do have a DUI from 2003 that I was not aware I had to report. Never had a problem in Indiana. Nobody at BOD can give me an update and I am set to move there next week. I’m hoping this one time offense does not bite me back.

    Any comments or suggestions?

  21. Erika Says:

    Susie, May I ask what happened in your case? Is there anyone that has been through this in Florida, what was your outcome, what lawyer would you recommend, how do you get a DUI changed to wreckless driving?

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