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Florida RN Salary

Hi I am currently and RN in New York and I am considering moving to Florida. The only thing that is holding me back is whether or not I can afford the salary decrease. I was wondering on average, how much does an RN make in South Florida with 3 years of experience?


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102 Responses to “Florida RN Salary”

  1. Lilly Says:

    Hi Jean-Marie,

    Why don’t you check out

    Type in your job title and state to get the median average for the state you are looking for. I believe NY RN’s make much more than Floridian nurses due to the higher cost of living in NY. I’ve heard the larger cities in Florida, like, Orlando, Tampa and St Pete’s have pretty attractive rates that are higher than other local areas. Hope this helps!

  2. Tara Says:

    I can tell you that new grads in north florida(Tallahassee) make about $18 an hour. For 3 years experience it is about $22-23. I worked as a traveler in south florida and the nurses there made in the upper 20’s around $27. Depends on specialty and location.

  3. Marissa Says:

    You can probably expect to make between $40,000 and $50,000 with your experience. Specialities yield more money. South Florida is not an inexpensive place to live, but you may benefit from the housing bust that has occurred there. Look to set yourself up somewhere between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale (or down to Miami if you speak Spanish as well as English) and you should be fine! Good luck!

  4. Barb Says:

    I am an experienced ICU RN in NY. It is expensive to live here in NY, as well as parts of Florida, but I don’t think our higher salaries are soley a result of the cost of living, but rather to the fact that we have more unions representing us in the north.
    In NY, the NYS Nurses Association helps keep the benefits and salaries very attractive to the nurses in our state. I say this because right here in NY we have 30 yr nurses making $23.00/hr who have no representation, in my facility, a small general hospital on LI, that same new nurse would be making $33.00 without differentials which can add up to $4./hr to that figure. Just food for thought about how effective having a union representing you can impact your way of life.
    Good luck!!

  5. Tara Nicole Says:

    Whoa! I was suprised by some of the replys! I’m a mental health / psych nurse and I make $25-$26 depending on what shift I work…somestimes more or less. It depends on many things: Profession, choice of shift, experience, Degrees, etc.

  6. socretes3 Says:

    I was kind of surprised at the replies too, because I live in Oklahoma (one of the cheapest states to live in) and the average starting pay for a BSN in Oklahoma City is $40 an hour

  7. JoEllen Says:

    my own input from here in Tampa. Most brand new nurses start at around $22/hr for day shift, $27 for night and that is brand new RN with no experience. I’m sure you (with experience) could negotiate for a lot more. Good luck!

  8. Bull Says:

    I am appalled by what I am reading here about nursing salaries in Florida. You need to find a union to represent you immediatly. Nurses are professionals and should be compensated as such.

  9. Scott Says:

    Wow! We do not have union in South Dakota and new RN’s start out at $21-$22/hr. Also, UNION is a dirty word in the midwest. Some employers will fire you if you mention it.

  10. Courtney Says:

    I just moved to NW Florida and starting salary for new nurses is around $18.50/hr here. You make 21.50/hr working evenings and 23.50/hr working nights. Its definately much lower than I expected but cost of living is not as high as where you are in NY I’m sure. Hope this helps!

  11. PseudgeDeedly Says:

    Hello I am currently out of work in Miami, FL. I have searched all the job boards more times than I’d care to recall and applied to 100s of positions. However, i have not been able to find a single good response to my resumes. If anyone knows about any particular place where i can look for a good job, please reply me with the location details. I will be thankful to you for your early response.

  12. JJRN Says:







  13. Karl Fiesta Says:

    Florida seems like a nice place to work as an RN. I work here in LA in one of the hospitals in the downtown area as a full time nurse on the medical-surgical floor. I make $28 per hour plus $3 for differential pay night shift. The cost of living here is high so my paycheck just gets depleted fast like liquid down the drain. I’m planning on moving on another state and Florida is one of my considerations.

  14. JJRN Says:








  15. Jon RN Says:

    I am an Emergency Rn in Toronto Canada. I graduated out of university last year and my average hourly rate is $29 per hour. I am interested in writing my NCLEX and doing traveling nursing in Miami, FL before I move there. But to me it sounds like agency nursing is the best way to go, hourly rate wise.

    I am disappointed in the hourly wages for nurses in this state, considering how difficult it is to obtain the license there. Does anyone know the hourly rates of ER nurses here and the patient to nurse ratio. At my hospital it is 5-1 (CTAS 3) 3-1 and 2-1 (CTAS 1).

    BTW thanks JJRN for some of the postings, it is helping me put things into greater perspectives.

  16. student nurse Says:

    I am currently a LPN student just outside of Tampa, FL. In nursing homes a new LPN makes $25 an hour, not sure about hospitals for LPN’s. I have a friend who works in the ICU at a local hospital and has been an RN for 7 years, she made just over $80K last year. I guess it just depends on what your cup of tea is. There are ALOT of nursing homes here and hospice is a great place to work as well. If you can deal with those situations 🙂 Good luck!

  17. Kathy Says:

    I have been a RN for 20 years.I wrote my NCLEX and did travel nsg in South Florida. I am now looking at doing 6mths in S Florida and 6 mths in Nova Scotia.I want to contact some nursing schools in Florida as I have been teaching in Nova Scotia.I am also considering nsg homes and I hear the Tampa area pays better. I have my visa screen as well as a Florida nsg license so I can kinda pick and choose. Any suggestions?

  18. joanne Says:

    Hey I want to know what the starting pay for a new grad r.n. in new york with an associates and no experience is?

  19. Tracy Says:

    Yikes, love Florida and was really considering move from CA, but there is no way. After making an average of $60 an hour how could I go to less than half my pay. Feeling really stuck. Ratios are also nice, couldn’t imagine working without ratios.

  20. Dan Says:

    I work at a surgical office in Tampa and make 33/hr 4 years of experience. 7-4 m-f. We are looking for another RN.

  21. Chirstina Says:


    Where in Tampa is the surgical office located and what kind of experience do you need? I have a year as a psych nurse and am currently working med surg..

  22. lisa Says:

    In orlando, new grads make around 21 an hour with an associates, and 22 an hour with a bachelors. Thats without differentials. Night differentials usually end up being around 6 to 8 dollars more an hour. Med surg nurses get around 4 to 5 patients per nurse. Tele 4 to 5. Icu 1 to 2.

  23. Rosa A. Says:

    Hi… I just graduated with my BSN and want to move to Florida. Does anyone know how much a starting RN makes in Daytona Beach?

  24. John Says:

    I am in Minneapolis area and graduated from nursing 4 yrs ago. I had some set backs in my life. I had about 9 of my close relatives all die within in a 2-3 year period which delayed me in taking the state board exam. I just passed my state boards and currently enrolled in an RN refresher course. I was at the MN workforce center and my counselor said the average pay for a RN in MN is $35 per hour and some change, and that is without any differential included. She looks this type of information up everyday and has a lot of resources she uses through MN state websites. I hope this helps for comparisons.

  25. Cindy Says:

    I am a recruiter – Nurse Recruitment. What I have found is many employers have pay rates based on a scale that was developed 10 years ago. To upgrade, they leave the hourly rate alone and change the look of the shift differential. In this case, the nurse does not benefit. The impact is not on the hourly rate so no overtime is drawn, but usually a sizable shift dif is offered. Healthcare is in tight times but you can still see the $27-28/ph with a dif of $3-$7 for eve-night shifts. Specialize where your interest is and you should see a satisfying response to your hands-on care.

  26. jyny2006 Says:

    I am a CTICU(open heart unit) nurse working in NY. I am planning of doing travelling nurse in Orlando, Florida. What is the name of your company that is recruiting ICU nurse? I would like to forward my application and I like to know the hourly rate.

  27. maria2012 Says:

    question, i live in ny, thinking of moving to south fl with my 6 yr old daughter. i have 2 years rn experience, annual income 60-62.
    what is the avg annual income in fl with my experience?

  28. ernurse0409 Says:

    To the Recruiter: I am Australian RN with a Bachelor Degree + Postgrad Cert in Critical Care Nursing (ER)I elegible for the E3 visa. (Usable in any State) I currently get 29.85 hr + 13% (E) 27%(N) 75%(Sat) 100% (Sun)I have a job offer in Orlando 24-28hr with 3% increase after 6 months. Locked in contract 18mths. What do you think? Could I do better in another State? It is hard to get hospitals to hire when you need a visa. The visa is very easy to get, but I have to have a job offer first.

  29. Andrea Says:

    I am and RN with 17 years experience in Michigan. I have my ADN and a BS in Health Care Administration. I have med/surg/onc experience, 3 years Medicare case management, 12 years private duty management and 6 years Medicare home care Administration experience. I am also a “guru” with Allscripts Home Care. My husband’s shop closed, and he is having difficulty finding a job. We are considering a move to Florida, and are wondering about the wages and availability of case management or health care administrative positions in the various cities. I don’t expect to make there what I make here, but would like some advice on areas to research. Also, is it better to use a recruiter or contact employers individually to apply?

  30. wanda Says:

    Wow! I am a Peds RN with 3yrs experience and in NJ as a new RN I started at 28.50hr I hear now they are starting at $30.00hr. Was hoping to move to florida but it’s a big pay cut.

  31. Alicia Miller Says:

    Hi, for case management and home health, there have been tons of jobs advertised for both. I am a new grad RN, May 3rd, and have been looking all over the place, and there are lots of jobs for case management as well as home health; I looked into it, but apparently there are separate certs for case management, and I’m working on my BSN so sticking to my favorites of ER/trauma/critical care for my certs, but I was curious, in the long-run, how much case managers make; is it usually salary? Is it better to work for a hospital or home health as a case manager? Because of pay and otherwise? Thanks, New Grad in May 2012.

    To be clear, yes, there are tons of case management and/or home health positions advertised; you can search any job board and put in some City names, west central use Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa; south is Miami, Fort Myers; north is Ocala, Gainesville; northeast, I believe is where Jacksonville is; way south are the Florida Keys, Marathon is one, Deer key is one. Hope that helps, and there are a ton of HCA hospitals-Largo Medical in Largo & Indian Rocks, St. Anthony’s in Pinellas Park (and at least 3 other HCAs I can think of; as well as Baycare hospital system in Dunedin, Clearwater, Seminole; Tampa General is a level I trauma center, and Clearwater/St. Pete have Suncoast Hospice and level II trauma at Bayfront Medical; Blake north and Manatee south of Clearwater are both level II as well, and they all go home with home health 🙂

    At the hospital I worked at over Summer, complete benefits that pay 100% plus 403(b), 529 college plan for kids, tuition reimbursement, dental, vision, and like I said, in-network is 100% with out of network doc visit about $30; for my whole family, 4 of us, and increased disability insurance, no deductible, $300 per month, my first job in the healthcare industry outside my home, so I don’t know how great it was but I got it on day 1 of employment, active within 2 weeks I think by the time I enrolled.

    Good luck! BTW in Seminole Clearwater area, nicer spots, a 2-bedroom house is about $1200/month plus utilities, if that helps perspective on cost of living. You’ll find something before you get here I bet!

  32. Tammy Says:

    If anyone can help, please! Canadian RN for 9 yrs (ER). Does anyone know a really good place? Was interviewed for a hospital in Florida, they wouldn’t even tell me what they pay rate was. Now I look it up and it’s terrible. Sure cost of living is lower in Florida, but Orlando seems not so cheap. I really want a great place to live, work, and stay. No more going from one job/place to another. If you make low pay, then when you retire, you have to live cheap because retirement income is based on percentage of pay while working. You’ll have to live somewhere cheap when you retire. please help. Thank you, all.

  33. Melanie Says:

    Can someone tell me what a new graduate RN with a bachelors can expect to make in Tampa or Clearwater Florida? Also, would anyone know of where to apply or any nurse recruiters that might be helpful. I obtained my degree in NYC, but am hoping to move to the Tampa area soon and hope to find a position. I hope someone can shed some light.

  34. Michele Says:


    With your 9 years of experience you will make more than what the base pay that is discussed on this board. I can’t speak to your specific case because I have a combined history of six years with FH and a total of 14 years experience, my hourly base pay is in the low 30s for BSN/Critical Care. Also, ER usually offers a sign-on bonus as they are always in need of good nurses so you should qualify (check in addition to the FH website). The housing market is so devastated here that you can find homes for less than half of what they were six years ago while some town-homes are as inexpensive as 60K (a very cute town-home in my area sold for 57K though they are in the 70s as compared to 150s just a few years ago) so if you aren’t looking at Miami where property taxes are insane and cost of living still high with essentially the same pay you should be fine. Also, if you can get a travel assignment to either FH or another area hospital, then you won’t have to pay for housing and can look around to see the areas you like as well as watch houses sit on the market long enough to get a good deal (or jump on one that’s there already). Good luck!

  35. Danielle Says:

    I laughed out loud, quite literally, when I read the post by socretes3 about the rate of pay for new graduate nurses in Oklahoma. Laughed. Out. Loud. I am a new grad and have had 3 job offers at 3 different hospitals in Oklahoma City…they start out from 19.03-19.80 base pay per hour. Shift diffs are approx $5 per hour. I wish I could find a $40 an hour job, that would be amazing…but not happening as a new grad in Oklahoma.

  36. Sparks Says:

    I would like to know which “Oklahoma” socretes3 is referring to? Because I am an RN with a few years’ experience in the State of Oklahoma located in the USA and I haven’t come across any nursing job offering $40/hour! Might wanna check your facts buddy!

  37. wendy Says:

    Can anyone tell me about home care in Florida? I have been a home care nurse for 15 years and would love to relocate to Florida or NC. I see all this info about in hospital settings but never home care. Are there any hospital based CHHA agencies. Is everybody per diem? I have 3 kids- don’t want to take any chances on income if you know what I mean.

  38. ashley C. Says:

    new grad starting @ 26 hour for a drug rehab.

  39. Alina Says:

    I have multople openings in the Miami area, including case managers with great pay. Email me to go over your experience. Thanks!

  40. Ivana Says:

    Hello All,

    I have about 2.5 years experience in both Psychiatry and General Nursing. I hold a dual degree in Psych and General Nursing and am looking to permanently move to Florida from Canada. Any ideas about good hospitals to work for in Orlando and how to apply when still in Canada as well as hourly rates. I have 3 kids and don’t want to move and find out this will not work out financially. Thank you!

  41. hgrn Says:

    i am currently living in houston tx and as a new rn with 2 years am making base pay of 24.50 struggling to survive guess florida is not an option made 23.00 in illinois as a grad nurse cost of living here is double:(

  42. tla1211 Says:

    Good lord! I was making more than all of the above 5 years ago in Akron Ohio of all places. This is really sad reading when I’m seeing some of the pay that LPNs are getting.

  43. Ashley Says:

    Omg I line in ct brand new rns start @ 39 something i.wanted to for cheap I don’t.want to make 23.dollars though lpn ebook.that’s what we make.other.places.u could a.n lpn.for.31.50

  44. Maya Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am a foreign graduated RN from Europe, preparing the NCLEX RN with 3 years experience overseas. Been living in Florida for the past 2 years. If anybody knows a recruiter for Ft.Lauderdale or Miami, please email me on
    Maya J.

  45. shirley Says:

    Now i am scared to death i was considering going to fl not so much now. I live in California and i make 41 dollars/hr i would have to cut my pay down way to much my cost of living is not bad we r frugal and my rent is only 1300 a month for a 3 bedroom 2 bath home with land.

  46. TampaRN5 Says:

    I have worked in various hospitals in the Tampa area in the last 22 years as an RN in various capacities. I have a diploma from Canada, (3yr), and make $37.50/hr, with OT available if you want it. I work in an outpatient infusion area of a hospital. M-F, no weekends, no holidays, 3-12hr shifts…..kinda awesome!

  47. OrlandoRN Says:

    TampaRN5 kinda awesome? That’s a dream job. R they hiring? New grads are in a precarious position here in Orlando. Starting pay usually $21 to $22. an hour and two year contracts. I’ve been here a year and 1/2 and am thinking of breaking this contract due to the absolute insanity of my hospital. I’ve talked to a few travel nurses and have heard mixed reviews about the west coast. any advice on the better hospitals to work for?

  48. Andrea Says:

    Hello, I am trying to get an accurate estimate of what a RN, BSN in and ICU day shift position averages in the Tampa area. I am relocating to Tampa area the end of January.

    TampaRN5 do you know of any current openings in your area? I am working on my masters degree and could use those hours.

  49. RNDreams Says:

    Hello , I am a graduating senior in high school as of June. Can anyone pls give me good steps of becoming a Nurse. This is my passion so, pls help me . And also what states/cities are ideal for Nurses?

  50. RPNDreams Says:

    Hi,I am Registered Psych Nurse in Canada, I have 5yrs experience working in a Psych Hospital, and I want to relocate to Florida in the near future. Will I be able to work as a Nurse or even as a Psych technician in Jacksonville Fl? I am also willing to upgrade if I have to.

  51. dknstaffing Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I know that this forum is pertaining to Florida. However, our staffing agency has employment opportunities in the US Virgin Islands, St. Croix.

    The starting salary range from 63,000 to 79,000. We are mostly looking for experience nurses in ICU, ER, NICU, Hemo, L&D, Peds, Post Partum, and OR.

    If you are interested, please email and a recruiter will contact you.

  52. SyrRN Says:

    Hello Everyone, I live in Upstate NY and recently had a phone interview with a Miami area hospital. It’s for a medsurg position and they say you have no more than 4 patients on your shift. They offered me $26.00/hr. I want to know if this is good. I have just over 1yr experience and a BSN. If not, anyone know what is the best approach to asking for more/ Thanks

  53. Dee Says:

    Hi guys. I graduate in two weeks in NM and the AF just sent us to Fort Walton Beach in between Destin and Pensacola. Anyone out there know how much they start GNs with? Where I live now, they start us with 26 for ASN and 28 for BSN, 5 nights and 3 weekends. This is really good and I know FL sucks but how bad? Thanks for any feedback.

  54. susan Says:

    I agree with above wages for florida are lower than up north. I am looking for Rn Position in Jacksonville.,Fla area any ideas

  55. Susan Says:

    Hello all. I agree with pay scale for florida is low. I am looking for position in Oral surgery office for Implants as Rn any ideas.

  56. O Says:

    Also from what I have learned there is no income tax in FL, only corporate income tax which is 5.5%. In NY you get **** with taxes. My wife is a nurse in NY and even though they pay very well, after taxes you don’t really make what they pay you. So take that into consideration.

  57. BiancaRN Says:

    Wow, I am a little set back, I had gone on a website showing salaries for RN’s in Palm City, FL which said anywhere between 65k-80k year but reading these responses, it seems way off. I am an RN of 5 years and making in Long Island, NY $39/hr AMF. Does anyone know the going rate in Palm City, FL? I am really considering moving there but only if the pay is good. And does anyone know of any good hospitals to work at in this city? Any additional info regarding Palm City would be greatly appreciated. I have a 2yr old son and school districts are important to me too. Please help!

  58. Chicago Rn Says:

    I’m a new grad nurse in Chicago (going on my 2nd yr of nursing in Peds) the base pay here on ave is $27 with a $4-5 shift diff.. I was thinking about moving to Miami, I love it there

  59. TurboRN Says:

    Hello, I was just offered a position in Jacksonville for 22.57 day shift…it is a pay cut from my current position in Indiana…is this a relative average for the area? does anyone know about Tampa?? my priority is the school system for the little ones and jacksonville has some great school…suggestions between Tampa or Jax????

  60. Gaviel7799 Says:

    I’m sure by now you are living your dream in South Florida (Miami), my sister graduated with a BSN from the University of Central Florida 2 years ago. Her current hourly salary is $26.00 I hope this information helps!

  61. Mark Ongpauco Says:

    I work in a large metropolitan hospital here at Jacksonville and new grads BSN starts at $24.50-25/hr. Night shift differential is $6.75 weekdays and $10.25 weekends. Florida salaries run at $22-25/hr based on where you work.

  62. Kris,from PA Says:

    Hello to everyone!!! I am thinking to move to Florida next year,,,of course really interesting about pay rate and RN-Pt ratio. I have 2 years experience from Med,surg/telemetry to Cardiac Step down for now. My rate is 28.5 /hour, and I work nights. For day shift it will be 27/hr. I am looking to work Tampa General Hospital or some in Sarasota area. Also I found really good place to live- Boca Raton. Any info about pay in that particular areas?? Thanks a lot in adavnce!!!

  63. Grace from VA Says:

    I worked in level 3 Nicu and planning to work in Tampa area hospital .I have 30 yrs of Nicu experience.Anybody know the rate per hr

  64. Linda, from NJ Says:

    Man from all these responses I’m not sure if I want to move to florida anymore! Associate RN, started at a local hospital in northjersey with 31.05/hr and that was day shift! But then in a nice area can run 1800 for a 2 bedroom.

  65. Yahi Says:

    Does anyone know how much is the base rate for a nurse with 17 years of experience at Florida Hospital?

  66. Lala Says:

    Brandon Regional Hospital, in Brandon, Florida (very close to Tampa) is currently hiring nurses and the pay is very good. We have a union, that is why our current pay rate. I have 16 ys of experience and my pay is 36.25 an hr diff is $3.00 from 3-11p, a little bit more for night shift. Come join us.

  67. Kris from PA Says:

    Hello,Lala!!! Thank for the answer..
    what about salary for Staff nurse III, with experience in critical care field ( cardiac step down)??? Is that true, in Florida you don’t pay federal income tax?? How much I could pay to rent decent house (low crime, family oriented area) ??
    How big is PTO ?? How many holidays per year and what the pay-ratio for holidays??
    I am so interested in all.Thanks !!!

  68. Jemelle from SD Says:

    Looking at a newborn nursery position at west boca raton medical center in Florida. Anyone have any experience working there? I’m also an RN with 5yrs of oncology/medical experience and 8months of OB experience. Does anyone know what the average pay per hour is in the boca raton area? Thanks!

  69. Suzanne short Says:

    Jacksonville Florida 31 years exp. $31.68 base pay, $3.25 night diff. $5.00 weekend diff. $40 hour night shift weekends.BSN get 1.00 more 1.00 more for certification.

  70. Kris,from PA Says:

    Just one question: do you have federal income tax in Florida or not?? That is my major point to make decision about moving to Florida!!
    please, answer!!

  71. FL nurse Says:

    I moved to FL 4yrs ago from MD, 16yrs experience, BSN. It was a rude surprise,a lot of the employers were only paying $19-$24/hr. I was offered a position as a home health director of nursing; $61,000/yr. A little better, but certainly not worth the risk or the stress. I currently make a little over $29/hr, similar to what I made in MD 10yrs ago. It’s not great, but I feel fortunate,it could be worse.

    The cost of living in FL is not as low as people generally make it out to be. Houses may be slightly less expensive, but you don’t have basements and usually no attics. Where do you put all your stuff? You really need a bigger house. Gas is currently, 87; $3.39, 93; $3.89. Groceries, clothing, etc. are just as expensive. Yes we pay federal tax, but we do not pay state tax, for now, some would like to see that changed. My property taxes are over $5000/yr, and my homeowners insurance is over $2000/yr due to hurricanes and known FL weather. We each have our reasons for making a move. Do your research and try your best to know what you are getting into. I hope this helps, and best of luck to all!

  72. kay Says:

    new nurse in panama city florida making 19.92 a hour on day shift… on night shift i made 24.02….. nurses should be paid alot more !!!!!

  73. Kris,from PA Says:

    OMG!!! Girls, you are just killed me!! Currently , I make $ 28,5/ hr as night shift. And we expected the rise of salary next January , usually $ 1/hr. And I have only 2 years of experience !! I wanted to move to Fl next 2-3 years and I will be agrre to cut my paycheck little bit, may be make just $26-28 /hr. I have kids, one in college already… May you know better salary in Tampa and Manatee county???
    I will appreciate any info!! Iam tired of snow and cold and 4 seasons clothes ,etc!!

  74. JennC Says:

    Hello, I am an RN here just outside of Tampa in Clearwater. I am an overnight supervisor and I lucked out (sarcastically saying) I make $26.00 an hour, Every other job I have been offered was $22.00 or $23.00 an hour (pathetic). Its insulting what RN’s are offered. We risk our lives everyday of infectious disease and get paid peanuts. The politics and CYA in the field is horrible and YES we need a union. Wish I had majored in another field. Physical therapy ASSISTANTS make more. SMH

  75. JennC Says:

    OH!! I was offered a shift differential of $.50 hahahahahaha

  76. CATHERINE Says:


    Almost 13 years of RN BSN experience.. Base pay $27.80.. wondering if Iam getting underpay.

  77. FL New Grad Says:

    So happy to have found this! It’s nice to hear about jobs and salaries from across the US and even abroad. I just graduated in Sept with my ADN and have been offered my first job here in Hernando County FL. I was hired to train in the ICU, FT nights. The base pay is 22.80 with a 4 diff for nights and 5 diff for weekends. As a FT position it comes with a full benefits package. Considering the location, making 27-28/hr is pretty good as I have lived in this area most of my life. I am very grateful for the opportunity to begin my career in critical care and have applied to start my BSN in January. Many magnet hospital such as Tampa Gen and All Children’s require a BSN to apply (so I have heard and been told). Also, to answer someones question several posts up, FL does not have state income tax, we also do not require yearly personal property taxes on our vehicles nor do we have to have our cars inspected. FL also offers a homestead exemption for homeowners. FL can be a much cheaper place to live depending on location, choice of housing, and lifestyle of course. I believe that nurses should make more money as we ARE professionals and take daily risks not just for ourselves, but for our patients.

  78. thinkingthisovernow Says:

    Wwwwooowwww!!! I currently reside in CT and visited FL a couple weeks ago and feel in luv. Was thinking of making a move in no more than 6yrs, with the wife finishing her masters in like 2 & me thinking becoming an RN in less than 3. I make $24hr now with free benefits due to my union, so definitely gonna wanna rethink what I’ll study. Wanted to at least start at $30+ PLEASE any ideas still in the medical field OR else where???

  79. Karen Says:

    I am a nurse in Central Florida. We are a union hospital so that helps with salary…guaranteed raises yearly. We are preparing for our next contract at this time, but currently an RN with no experience makes $22.70 and 17 years makes 34.54 per hour not including shift diff. If you are planning to move to Florida, my recommendation is to work for and join NNOC/NNU (nurses union run by bedside nurses). Ebola standards passed by CA were established by NNOC/NNU and will hopefully be a nationwide standard. The union hospitals have grids (pt/RN ratio) to be followed, but are working on legislature for this issue. There are many benefits to working in union hospitals, please keep this in mind when applying for a position. I have only had the experience of working with NNOC/NNU union and am very pleased. There are 14 hospitals in Florida associated with this union at this time with others organizing. The rate of pay is not the same here as in the northern states and it is somewhat shocking when you first move here. I would not move back north by choice!

  80. Susan Says:

    Does anyone know what newly graduated RN’s with an ASN make in the Fort Myers/Naples area. There are only two hospital systems I think for all of the hospitals in the area. Any information would much appreciated. Thanks!

  81. Barbara Says:

    I do travel now but my FL pay topped at about $26/hr with 24 years exp @ the time. There are NO unions in FL, it is a right to work (fire) state. One job hired me with 27 yrs exp in NICU @ $25/hr–seems they only count first 10 years experience!!DON’T move to FL! Big mistake. No money to be made there. Travel is where the money is.

  82. Lisa Says:

    Hi…just graduated Nursing school…want to move to Florida…any tips on how to get a job and make the transition?

  83. Jean Says:

    WOW I am blown away at the low salaries for nurses in florida!!! REALLY wanted to move there my husband and I are both critical care nurses with 25 years experience each making over $50/hr in N.Y. dayshift ,great benefits,union and pension plan! Was looking for a nicer life in the sunshine less stress and less taxes as we pay 18,000/year in property taxes. But with such low salaries don’t think we would be better off in Florida financially??? My oldest just started college but our youngest is only 9 so we are not retiring we need to work!I honestly thought salaries in Fla. were at least $30-$35? OH WELL my husband will never move now!

  84. Gali Says:

    Hi, Im currently in 10th grade and I was wondering what clases do I need to work on the most to become an RN in the future.

  85. Karen Says:

    Gali, try going to I found some interesting information there. Good luck.

  86. Kimberly Says:

    I want to move to Florida so bad. I currently live in PA and make 32/hr +OT as a home health nurse with 7 years experience. How is home health in southeast Florida area. Looking to move to Palm City or Port St Lucia area. Also what hospitals are top there

  87. Mey Hoagland Says:

    I want to study in Florida when when it could begin work? , how it could money per hour ?

  88. Aida motta Says:

    I am currently living in nj but was working at a union hospital in brooklyn, NY. I was making $43 an hour with 4 years experience and associates degree which isn’t bad. But my family is in Florida so I’m making the move despite the lower salaries. I have friends that left the same brooklyn hospital making the same as me, now making $28 /hr which shocked me. However, because the taxes are less they make the same if not more then in Brooklyn. It kind of balances out and life is so much less stressful in Florida from what I am told.

  89. Ali Says:

    I just moved to Niceville/Fort Walton Beach/Destin area from Vancouver. I have 2 years in cardiac stepdown and coronary care units. I have a BSN and an advanced specialty cert. in high acuity nursing. My base pay was $32 plus shift diff and 1: 2-3 nurse patient ratio. I think I’m in for a rude awakening here! Lol. What is the going salary for nurses working in this area? I know that roughly 30% of nurses here have their BSN, does that make much difference in salary negotiation? What should I expect?

  90. dbtofla Says:

    I am a MN 2 yr RN with 23 yrs experience mostly in clinic /triage setting and aim to work in long term care setting when I move to the Sarasota area in the next 1-2 years. Does anyone know what hourly pay I could expect and my chances of landing a job in that field? I don’t mind less pay, I currently earn 25.00/hr on-call in a LTC facility. Will I need to apply for a FLA RN license once I move there? (or before?). How do people relocate? Just pack-up and move there, look for an apartment and then a job? or some how land a job from out of state 1st and then move to FLA. Any suggestions/answers/comments would be appreciated from a nurse in FLA or any nurse who has been there and done that sort of thing. AND to ALI above- I hear Niceville/Fort Walton/Destin area is actually in the to 5 places to live in FLA (Google it) but I don’t know anything about the rates of pay there. With a BSN you will be “wanted” anywhere no doubt and have a much easier chance getting a job. You have a excellent nursing background by the way. You have a good attitude too, we all need to keep our sense of humor.

  91. Tammy Says:

    Lenoir NC lpn 11 yrs 19$-22$ ah, looking to relocate to Panama city fl.

  92. Annie Says:

    I recently relocated to the Fort Myers area of SW FL and LOVE living here, BUT…as a 22 year RN with mostly Home Health background, I refuse to work as a Director of Nurses (killer salaried hours = about $20/hr!). Despite being a home health inspector and teaching CMS federal Home Health webinars, most want me to start again as a field nurse at $21/hr since I’m not Case Manager certified. The one major hospital in the area is the Lee Memorial system, which a friend with a Master’s degree works at – she is a floor nurse making $30/hr after 5 years. Definitely, the “hot spots” are Tampa (where I lived in the late 90s and loved my home health assistant trainer position, which was cut and back to field RN, but paid $16/hr back then) and Miami area. Even insurance RN positions are mostly in these areas, so I don’t have a lot of choices to work here as an RN. Just an FYI if you’re looking in this area, Naples may be better, but $$$ to live compared to elsewhere in FL.

  93. Nene Says:

    I am in the Tampa area with 2 years and making 48/HR put I am a full time non benefit title. But you only qualify for medical benefits. If you don’t mind not having PTO then that’s the way to go.

  94. MaryL Says:

    I’m an RN in PA with 8 years experience in med surg and rehab making $32/hr. I’m looking to move to orlando Florida. My question is, are there any employers offering to cover relocation expenses for prospective employees?

  95. Sara Says:

    Wow!! In Az I make $34+hr in a small community hospital. Makes me never want to leave my state now!!

  96. Sheila O. Says:

    Florida does not pay!!! i work for a hospital in a cancer center and the nurses are not recognized as specialty nurses and are payed lower than what nurses in other specialty hospitals make. the cost of living is going up always.. dont do it!!! Which is why i moved to Boston where i am being paid $48/per!!!

  97. Missy J Says:

    I live in Boston- the better rates are here up North. I got my LPN 2008 and started making 23/hr and gradually worked my way up to 37/hr still as an LPN while I attended RN school 2012 and finished end of 2013 with an ASN. Im making ~39.60/hr now. Recently I was offered 41/hr at an insurance company but I declined-as it wasn’t flexible enough for a mom. I havent been staff on the floor since 2010-11. A friend of mine just made ~$110, 000 for the year at a VNA with ~2yrs RN experience seeing psych pts in the community; she started that job in March 2015 , now do the math -I’m headed there next. Hell no I’m not leaving the North.

  98. Mvale Says:

    I just movedon’t to fort lauderdale florida from massachusettes. I hate it here in florida. I am married with 2 kids and I am currently looking for a 3 bedroom. For a 3 br ur paying over 1600 easy with water sewage and trash seperately. There is like no closet space in these homes. I say homes because it’s mostly homes for rent and or complexes and condo . The. The pay for nurses is on average 20 to 23 per hr. One nursing home in margate fl only payed 22 an hr with a one dollar differential. I was amazed!!! In Massachusetts I was getting payed 29.50 base per hr and 3 dollar differential to start of as a brand new RN. I don’t see how I’m going to make it here on florida I feel like I can’t give my kids a good life here because I won’t have any money left over for them. I can’t even afford to take them to Disney or universal on a nurses salary here in florida.I will be moving away from here I rather get paid good and live with the snow then get paid peanuts and live in hot weather and not be able to afford to live nevermind do anything with the family. It’s really sad and a rip off. I would not recommend anyone to move here its definitely not the place to live just to visit and retire. There’s alot of retired people that live here in south florida.

  99. NRB Says:

    I actually turned down an ICU job in Lauderdale last summer ….$36/ hr with shift diff on overnights, I think another $2/hr on the weekends, $10k sign on bonus with 1/2 paid within the first year…3 yr commitment, $5k/yr in free tuition…it was a sweet deal. I have a 2 yr degree btw. I just wasn’t feeling Lauderdale after being gone for 10 years. It seems that the huge shortage is in Critical Care, ER and OR…. Specialties. There is not state income tax, and college tuition for a Florida resident is cheap. Do your homework and look at the big picture.

  100. Soonnewgrad Says:

    So I decided upon graduation that I would move my family to florida and I applied and accepted a job in Orlando as a new grad BSN nurse. I will get $23.22 on day shift to start, and when im done with orientation I will be on nights with about an $8 shift differential. a new grad making $31 an hour is good pay to me. I can get twice the house I currently rent for the same price down there (im in PA right now), and gas, electric, water, sewer, and gasoline are all much cheaper. so is milk, meat, seafood, produce, etc. Sure I could start at $36 on nights up here, but I will have more disposable income after I move. Also, in 20 more months I will be an FNP and clear $90k a year so im not worried at all.

  101. Terbie Billups Says:

    I’m a new RN in Orlando. The hospitals all offered me the same thing $24.00/ hr for first shift. It’s extremely expensive to live in Orlando. We have tolls and red light camreas every where. Utilities are high and homes are expensive and little square footage. I’m leaving Fl in May!

  102. Peaches Says:

    Hi everyone I’m a nurse with over 16 years of pediatric experience including homecare/NICU/ community health how much will nurse with my experience make plus I’m coming from the children’s of Philadelphia I have BSN with various certifications. I know I won’t be making 55-60 per hour

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