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How does a Shy Nurse survive?

I've been a nurse for less than two years. Nursing was a career change for me, so I'm a slightly older new nurse. I excelled in school and am now on my second dream job. BUT, I contiune running into the same problem. While I am confident in my skills, I love connecting with my patients, I have trouble with the other nurses. I am a shy, not the most outspoken or confident person and other nurses very easily seem to make me doubt myself. I keep to myself and try not to step on anyone's toes. I was supposed to be finished orientation next week, Now I have been told that my new job doesn't want to keep me, for this reason. I wasn't even told until six weeks in that I was not performing how I was expected. Most of the people where I work could be considered "bitchy" but are still nice. And during my orientation if I didn't do it exactly like they wanted I would get eye-rolling and so on. I just couldn't wait to get on my own. My nursing style is a little more laid back and organic instead of driven by doing everything must be done exactly like this. Same thing happened in my first job and now I'm even doubting if I can stay in this profession if everywher I go I will run into the same situation.

How does a shy nurse gain confidence when everyone around her does not try to support that confidence? Isn't there room for all kinds of personalities in nursing?


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One Response to “How does a Shy Nurse survive?”

  1. Muhamed Says:

    ok….. i have a dream to be a nurse (probably an LPN) and have wanted to be one FOREVER! my mom was a nurse for 30+ years and i know i will do it, just triyng to figure out when and how!? are you doing online classes?! i want details girly!!! :)so incredibly happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!much love,maggie

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