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Failed the NCLEX a few years back, is it too late?

I was an excellent student whose passion is nursing but after I took my boards a few days later I had an emergency c-section with a 2 month premie. I proceeded to quickly re-take them afraid of forgetting, but I was going through a lot health wise and did not succeed. That threw me over and I let it go. I have such a desire to try, it is my inner pain. I just feel its to late, its been 5 years. Can a Remedial help me and give me that chance? Please help.


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One Response to “Failed the NCLEX a few years back, is it too late?”

  1. Avahnel Says:

    Truthfully, I have no idea; but have you thought of contacting your old school? They may know the Nurse Practice Act and what is says regarding cases like yours. You can also try to read the Nurse Practice Act from your state. Good Luck.

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