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Should I stay the course?

Graduated from RN diploma program July 2006 with a 3.29 GPA.

It was a second career for me.

I was working part-time as a CNA and going to school part-time, but I had realized toward the end of the program that nursing was not for me. The last semester was the kicker when I had taken the nursing management class, and the instructor was telling us the "realities" of nursing, even suggesting to work only four days a week to avoid burnout when we became new nurses. By the time I had graduated, I had $10K in loans and needed to work in something immediately to pay off the loans. Really didn't have time to study all over again after being burned out from nursing school. Took a job on 11-7 shift as a CNA, and that wiped me out - was always tired and couldn't focus. Still wasn't sure about nursing so I became a Medication Technician to get "into the game" of administering medications.

Took the NCLEX once and failed and (I know this is nuts) am considering taking it again. This has been hanging over my head like a dark cloud. I just want to pass it to put closure on this chapter of my life. I would appreciate open and honest advice, and I won't be offended because I am at the lowest point right now but hopeful. Thanks to all.

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One Response to “Should I stay the course?”

  1. YUT Says:

    What’s crazy about retaking it? It’s just an exam like any other. I’ve heard of people taking it up to 6 times and passing it eventually. Not uncommon to retake it. As long as you have a job now as a CNA, you can choose to keep it or move on if you pass the NCLEX. Nothing to lose right? Only other issue is that if you have no job right now and take it and pass, you’re officially an RN and I’m not sure anyone will want to hire a CNA that is an RN (they generally frown on going backwards). But perhaps not an issue if you have a job already. I’m not sure why you’d stay in healthcare if you decided nursing wasn’t for you. CNA is still within the realm of nursing.

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