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Just trying to help wife achieve

Two years ago my wife was in her last semester of RN school, her grade point average was as follows, 1st year 4.0, 2nd year 4.0, 3ed year 3.9, 4th year she was maintaining a 3.8, not bad for a high school drop out that turned 43, one of the last tests in the skills lab was to team up to run a code blue on a patient, her partner chocked which through my wife's timing off, her grade was an 81.5 and she needed and 82, she was called into the directors office and dismissed from nursing school, they don't let you try again.  This is a woman that won several awards and made the Deans list every time, she did go to a technical school and received her LPN license, but i know it still bothers her. I would like to find an online college and help her complete her dream, we have been together for 29 years and i owe her so much.

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One Response to “Just trying to help wife achieve”

  1. Rasmussen Says:

    Not sure when you wrote this… but Rasmussen may be a school your wife could look into … they are fully accredited nationally.
    Good Luck 🙂

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