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Legally responsible to help at an accident?

I was once told by a classmate that RN's can be held legally responsible if you come upon a car accident or any other accident, and do not use your skills to help out, and harm comes to that person if our help wasn't offered. Sort of like failure to render aid.

Is this true? We came upon a car accident the other day, and thankfully everyone was ok. But later my boyfriend was asking me about it. I wasn't sure how it works, especially since i am a NICU RN...



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2 Responses to “Legally responsible to help at an accident?”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    I don’t think you are held liable if you don’t stop. There is something called the Good Samaritan Law that prevents you from litigation if you DO stop and help as long as you act “reasonably and prudently, and within your scope of practice.”

  2. Sumer078 Says:

    That’s right…..You know we learned these things in our “Core Classes”…… Good Samaritan Law

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