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Hi guys I am so devastated just found out that I have failed Nclex for the 2nd time.The first time I ran out of time on 198 questions and failed. I used uworld had 62% overall and had high chance of passing on their assessment. The second time around I used ncsbn learning extension saunders and Lacharity delegation and prioritization which i did fairly and felt ready. I studied 4-6 hours a day and did 150 questions for 4-5 weeks both times. 2nd time 135 question the computer shut down I was convinced i passed to find out the day before Christmas that I had failed again. I am a Us student from a credited school and every time I am failing and am left with no hope. since I have exhausted the best things that people praise do not know what else to study with no more money to spend. I am asking for advice from all of you nurses out there....what else can do to succeed??

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