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radiology technologist

Hi, so years back I got into a lot of trouble it was a point in my life that was very difficult and was hard to help myself and no one was reaching out for me. Until I got into a mess that landed 2 third degree felonies, 3 v.o.p, on the charges that I have gotten where possession of drugs and not marijuana, paraphernalia,a controlled substance and a some others. Point is a 3years after that I was blessed with a son giving me a reason and motivation to actually want to do better on my life not for me but for my son. So for the past few years it has been a struggle to live I have to work 2 jobs just to pay the bills, never have time for my son and still we just never have enough eeially getting paid minimum wage cause other jobs do not want to hire me after seeing my record they just say no or cause didn't have a diploma. I recently finished my diploma and with the help of my sponsor that will help me pay for me to get a degree, I have an opportunity for something better. I am interested in being an radiologist or ultra sound sonographer but I have read in alot community colleges that with a records they will not allow you to get licensed is there anything I can do to makes,y dream come true and be successful in life or is will I even get an opportunity to become a radiologist or anything of that sort?

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