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The Joke called "A Second Chance" The Sad Story of A Life Lost After a Mistake.

I want to share something that my sister posted on your site about her experience with nursing and addiction. This shows what she was dealing with and how she struggled to get her life back on track after her mistake. It breaks my heart to read this now. She tried so hard to get better and move on clean and sober. I know my sister didn’t want to be living in a group house at 41, no job, no hope. I never expected my sister to kill herself. After reading this - I suppose I should have. I found my sister dead after she hung herself. She had been there for 3 days by the time I found her. So my hope is that this problem can soon change. She was a great nurse yet she became a stigma that lead her to her death. My goal now is to do my best to make this sort of thing change! We must change the way we view addiction and mental illness. These people need rehabilitation not to be incarcerated just to be released with a mark that makes recovery and moving on almost impossible. It’s time we all try to understand struggles we don’t endure ourselves. It’s called empathy, and we could all use a lot more of it.

Leslie Machuzak 4-13-73 to 10-10-14


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