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New Plot Line for Nurse Jackie Series

Ok, here's how nurse Jackie should really be...

It's based on Akex the male nurse. He didn't do nursing for the right reasons. He went into nursing because he'd gone to an all boys' high school and was female deprived. He sees that at his nursing college there are 65 femals and 3 males. He thinks his odds are good.

By the time Alex graduates, he realises he doesn't really want to be a nurse, but with his student loan to repay, he applies to work on the new graduate program.

Somehow he gets accepted, without an interview, which turns out to be a big mistake. The hospital thought Alex was a woman, and posted his first six months in the gynaecology ward.

The story would then center around the potentially hilarious escapes of the wards' first ever male nurse, from both fellow nurse and patient perpectives.

On a more serious note, the story would follow Alex as he learns that he may not exactly be the best nurse, but he likes looking after people. You see his sense of humor come through and see him evolve into a very kind, caring and unconventional nurse who gets laid a lot.

You could make this soooo interesting and hilarious and avoid the sterotypical issues television likes to portray, eg drug addiction etc.

What do you think?


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