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what to do after failing nursing program

I failed out of nursing school. The first failure was due to not studying as efficiently for a cumulative final. The grade I made brought my passing average down. The next semester I retook that same class and passed with excellence. I’m a great test taker and I understand how to dissect NCLEX styled questions. My 2nd failure was from a 4wk competency course where we’re graded on a few skills, simulation scenarios, and med calc. I examined the possible factors that may have led to my failure in both courses. Now I’m willing to try again. I was only about 5 classes away from graduating, too!! 

Where do I go from here? I live in Georgia. There are a couple of programs here that accept dismissed nursing students, but you’ll just have to start over. The only thing stopping me from applying to those programs is not having all their required pre-reqs. Meaning, I’d have to take 3-5 classes just to be considered. There’s a good amount of LPN programs in my state as well. I wouldn’t mind attending an LPN program but at the same time I’d rather just go for my BSN in one shot without the extra schooling. I also wouldn’t mind changing my major and attending an accelerated BSN program afterwards. My last resort is attending a private funded school, which is Chamberlain University. I say it’s my last resort because they’re expensive. I just don’t know which option is the most logical route to take.

I do know I still want to be a nurse. These failures haven’t changed my perspectives on nursing either. I love nursing so much. I enjoyed waking up early for clinicals, being stressed out while studying for exams, learning how to perform skills, etc. I already miss it all lol. I’m not interested in any other career either. People always tell me I’m going to make a great nurse but look at me now

I would love to start another program asap because the more i sit around with nothing to do, i just wallow in self pity and despair

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