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Is now a good time to begin my nursing classes?

I am 43 years old with two children, one of which is an 8 year old girl with juvenile diabetes, who I need to be available for.

I really want to be a nurse but I know the program is very difficult. Should I wait until the children are older. I only need to take two more pre-reqs before I can apply for the program.

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One Response to “Is now a good time to begin my nursing classes?”

  1. beachrn Says:

    You are never to old to start nursing school or return back to school. I will be 44 yrs old in June and I am finishing my Masters. I took the 5 yr plan to get my RN so there is no wrong or right answer. Find an online college that fits your schedule and a program as well and go for it. Your children will survive and so will the 8yr old girl she will learn to care for her self. She will soon want to prove she is a grown-up and be able to care for herself. All will be fine. Good Luck.

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