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failing nursing twice - what's next?

I am 22 yrs old and have failed the nmjc nursing program twice. The first time i made it through the first semester but had some major life distractions going on and had an avg of 76.5-failing. (we are required to maintain a 79.9 avg-based off 6 exams & a final). So I go back for round two. Failed- nursing avg of 82.5 & a pharm avg of 72.5.Failing. Two semseters in this time. Now I am sitting here asking myself- "self what do u do now?!". No money. No job. Single. No degree. In debt. No idea where to go from here...
I should mention i have 1 + experience as a CNA,i am an EMT-Basic (or was think my license is up), & worked as a client service rep for a Home Health agence for over a yr.

My spirit is totally broken this time. Gave all that I had to give & when I ran out borrowed more & gave that too! Now more than ever i have a total loss of self. Words can't describe all that i have sacrificed & changed & improved & taken & given to try and achieve my RN.
6 tests. 6 grades. 2 attempts. Not enough. I need a lawyer or something cuz all the fight i had left in me is gone. 1 teacher. 1 class. Ended my dream.

Just for the record I would bet my life on a "C" avg nurse.Maybe thats just cuz i know that im a "c" avg student who knows inside she is an "a" avg student. (i was an a avg student last semester & 1st test of this semseter.)

Whats it all matter now anyways. Think what u want. Post what u want. I have totally ceased fighting any and all things.

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50 Responses to “failing nursing twice – what’s next?”

  1. KittyK Says:

    Could you take the LPN boards now, work for a while, and then do a transition program from LPN to AD-RN? Many tech or junior colleges offer transition programs.
    In real life, as you say, it’s not the GPA the makes the best nurse.

  2. Connie Whitesides MSN, RN, CRNA Says:

    I am so sorry you did not have the support and help from within your nursing program. Myself and another educator recently developed and began implementing a Retention and Success Nursing Program. These Grant Funded positions were create to help the pass rate of Nursing School and pass the3 NCLEX. Identifying the areas of weakness must occur early so help can begin. Study and Test taking skills were the major areas of cause for failing a nursing course.
    Come visit my page where I discuss topics that hinder success. I post questions, and answer yours.

  3. jenniger Says:

    I feel your pain, as someone who made it thru the entire program, only to fail the last semester last spring. I cried for months, and understand EXACTLY how you feel. So much hard work, it’s very painful. Our program requires only a 76 average, however, we have only 2 tests, and that includes the final! So, imagine the amount of material you need to know for just one test!! It’s mind boggling for sure.

    Still, my failure turned out to be for the best. I just finished repeating the semester, and passed, and feel much more confident with my knowledge and skills now – I just don’t think I was ready last year. You know what they say, that things happen for a reason.

    What are your options? Will your school allow you to repeat? Or are there any other nursing schools in your area that you can apply to? If nursing is what you really want to do, then you need to pull yourself up and do it. It’s not easy, and, well, C=RN is pretty much the mantra at my school…the best nurses are not the ones who are book smart, they just have good memories! For me, it just took longer and more studying than average for me to absorb, understand, and remember what I needed to know for the tests. I think you can do it too, you just have to keep trying. Lots of people fail and repeat semesters in nursing school. Feeling depressed and losing confidence is normal, what you need to do now is decide if this is what you really want…I am here for you if you need an ear or any advice.


  4. joe Says:

    hey you are only 22. Have u check nursing programs out of ur state. Can u try one more time at ur nursing school. If u are ready to move out of state I can advise u few programs that actually struggle to fill their rn classes. I am in one of them. Get back to me dont loose ur hope

  5. Tiffany Says:

    Hey Joe,
    where are those nursing schools at that are struggling to fill their RN classes?

  6. Tisa Says:


    I know exactly how you’re feeling, becauce I’m feeling it right now. I went through the program twice, failed 2nd semester first time around, got through it but ended up failing the 3rd semester. I was suppose to graduate this year along with friends I’ve know in this program since I first started the Nursing Program. They are graduating and I’m the one here sulking, depressed reading their comments on facebook, seeing how happy they are. I glad they made it….I really am, but it also really hurts to know that I can share in that joy. One of my friends that graduated wants me to come to the pinning, she saved me a ticket. i seriously don’t want to come, I just think it will be too painful to know I won’t be up there with them. On the outside I’ll have a smile but inside during the whole thing I know I’m going to be dying and crying inside. This probablly makes me sound selfish but I really wish I made it. I got a 77.7 average for the semester but the Program requires you to have a 78 and no they wouldn’t bump me up. I just can’t help but feel worthless thinking back over all the money I spent, the tears and frustration I went through in this program. The sleepless nights, stress over trying to studying and remember everything I needed for exams. I needed a freaken 81 on my final to pass…I got an 80! The program wouldn’t let me pass. I cried I felt jealous of my friends because they made it and didn’t especially know with graduation ceremonies happening this Sat for the Nursing Program. The sad thing was I felt like there was more that the teachers could have done for me, they heard me complain how I felt it wasn’t fair saw me cry but I felt like they really just didn’t care, no empathy at all. They saw me said a few words of encouragement and basically sent me on my way to figure things out on my own. I feel clueless on what to do. I want to be in the medical field, was it Nursing I have no clue but the Program I was at sure didn’t make any decision easy to make, and all I feel from them is coldness and just rushing to be done with me to start off with the next bath that tried their luck at this program. I’m now still at the college where the Nursing Program is, but I’m going for my Biomedical Science/ Health Care degree to go for Physical Therapy, it’s the closest thing I can go for to get my associates this year. I only have 3 classes left to achieve this since I already did 2 years of Nursing cover a lot of medical stuff. I did 4 yrs at a 2 yr college my GPA kind of sucks because of this crappy Program at this college. I feal cheated and wronged but I don’t want to stop achieving for something because I feel like would never finish if I did…..So believe me I know how you feel…

  7. Jason R. Thrift, RN, MS Says:

    You know there’s one question I have never been asked by a patient or anyone since the day I started my career as a nurse. Has never come up and I for one believe it never will. “What were your grades in school?” No one thinks to ask that when they need their Morphine injection, when they have an ileus and hope beyond hope you can relieve the pressure with that NG tube, when you administer an Epi shot to save their life. NO ONE CARES ABOUT GRADES except at the Academic level.

    Now, that’s a paradox because you have to make the grades in order to receive your diploma/degree and become a nurse. So the way I see it, the dream is only over if you let it be. If you can’t succeed in one program, try another. You were an EMT, you obviously have a desire to help others, don’t waste it because of grades. If you were making 50’s I’d say you’re in trouble, but you’re right on the cusp. No reason to quit now.

    Don’t give up and don’t give in.

  8. bonnie Says:

    This is what I think.. You are only 22 and thats younger than any of my kids and I would tell them that if nursing or “whatever”it is, is calling your name, then answer the call. Dont think of yourself as average.You are a child of God! and he does NOT make average! Pull yourself up and get back in the game! if this is something that you feel called to do, then it will happen in Gods time and not yours! But it will happen!

    Now my story. I was in LPN clincals in 09 and I had to w/draw due to severe health issues non related to clinicals, but clincals made it worse. I sat out a yr and then went back a yr later. I got thru 7 weeks of the first 10 of the quarter and then old health issues came roaring back and I had to leave due to BP and sleep deprivation issues, due to issues related to my age. I am 49 and I plan to go back jan 2012 and get my LPN. I feel a calling to nursing, and if you have that calling placed on you, it will happen, but not until it is your time. If you are a praying person, then pray about it. God Bless you and he will lead you.

  9. Sue Says:

    I just want EVERYONE on here to listen to me VERY, VERY closely! Nursing is a very tough field. You are NOT a failure just because you’ve failed, even maybe several times. Believe Me you are Preach’in to the Choir!!! I’ve BEEN there many, many times. You are ONLY a loser when you get out of THE GAME! So stay IN it!!! There will always be failures in life, & unfortunately more for others than some people. You have to find a different mind set each time you fail & approach it differently & FORGET!!! The past Failures! Because those will make you afraid & set you up to fail again! There are always Failures in Nursing, it doesn’t end with school! Ya gott’a be TOUGH to be a Nurse & just let it run down your back like “A Duck’s Back”, & go get your well deserved Degree. Don’t let ANYTHING, or ANYONE stop you. Just keep your eyes always on the Prize no matter what.

  10. button2cute Says:

    I have a question for you…

    Have you ever been tested for Learning Disabilities?

  11. button2cute Says:

    Let me, explain to you ….many students who enter the health career field about 30% of them have learning disablities. This is not a bad thing at all. Some nursing schools are better than others to attend because they adapt to your learning styles. Those nursing schools are willing to work with the ADA requirements.

    The medical schools are much more acceptable to the learning and physical disability students. The medical schools set up the tutoring sessions, the professors work with the students individually and group, test are given appropriately according to the reccommendation of the learning disability staff and test results.

    My suggestion is to get tested ASAP regardless of it is near the end of the semester. It will work in your favor if you are a learning disabled student.

    You can schedule through a Neuropsychologist, Learning Disabled psychologist for adults, and ask the learning disabled department in your college if they have any suggestion of doctors.

    If I knew your area I could help you….But I would jump on it quickly.

    There are reasons why people cannot jump over obstacles and it is up to the person …to take that extra step.

    Sometimes, I can tell when a person has a learning disability verse being lazy or other problems for their failure.

  12. Karin Says:

    I did 2.5 years at a 4 year school and ended up being told that, because of a learning disability that the college refused to acknowledge, my GPA would no longer suffice for me to stay in the nursing program. After taking a year off, I’ve been slowly working my way through a ASN program to get my RN, and I’m eventually planning to go to an RN-BSN program to get my bachelors degree.

    Don’t let anyone, especially a school, tell you that you’re not allowed to follow your dream. A few failing grades shouldn’t discourage you. I know that it can be disappointing, especially when you fail a class more than once, but remind yourself that nursing IS what you will be doing with your life, regardless of how long it takes you.

    Please don’t give up. I’m sure that you can do it if it’s what you truly want to do!

  13. SteveD Says:

    Young woman, you have not failed forever. I am a hospital administrator. I have been FIRED FOUR TIMES and yet today I am considered successful and I have successfully led three hospitals that were on death’s door out of debt and into the future. I also know that doesn’t make your situation better. In my profession, there have been many studies about grades in graduate school and professional success. The studies show absolutely NO correlation between grades and professional capability. Please keep that in mind. Study skills, luck of the draw (which instructors you receive), and timing all impact school grades. You are receiving wonderful advice here and there are many things you should consider. I instituted a program in my nursing program where students struggling are sent to an industrial psychologist during the school year. The support of a competent professional has made an enormous difference in the performance of students who have utilized this.
    I don’t want you to give up on your dreams. You would not have posted if you did not hurt and I wish I could talk with you in my office and tell you how much I admire you for this most difficult career choice. Interestingly for you, four years ago, a retired physician (age 68) decided to attend our associates program. She found some of the core courses (example: anatomy and physiology) a breese but found clinical courses very difficult. I know for a fact that one instructor passed her when she had a 75.5 in ortho-neuro. It was not age, but rather the ability to master nursing perspective that made it so difficult for her. She “adopted” many young students and sadly, expired from an unknown condition before she graduated.
    She was fond of saying to young nursing students “Your problem is you haven’t had enough birthdays and my problem is I have had too many.” I wish that there was more that I can say to comfort you but I will say my intuition tells me that you will one day make your dream a reality. Do not let your pain or fear or disappointment take away the life you have in front of you. Nursing is for you. I believe in you. You will make a fine nurse. Do not give up your dreams.
    Prayers for you today.
    Blessings your way.

  14. Dream Chaser Says:

    Let me tell you something…nursing is tough…..I’ve been discouraged and yes I’m human so it’s normal! But it’s temporary not my destiny and not my eternity! When things turn out wrong let me tell you a setback is a comeback….Amen!!! It’s all in the purposeful plan of God! Now, we play a role in doing what’s necessary to the best we can…because faith without works is dead…but all you need is a little size of a mustard seed. You pray and cry out to the Lord and write down what He tells you….Seek Him!!Nursing is a ministry!!! A call on your life and a lot of tough work—with God all things are possible to those who believe!!!! Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thy own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path..Proverbs 3:4-6 KJV Holy Bible…God Bless You…Remember the vision and know that His promises come to fulfillment!

  15. Beth Says:

    I want to add that maybe you need some support in your school. You might need a different approach in learning. The medical field is tough. Nursing is tough. I couldn’t get into an RN program and I tried 4 times. I asked an advisor to find out the story. Five hundred people and fifty seats a year. Do the math. SO I went into an LPN program. Sit for your LPN license and work for a year. Then go back for the RN. George S. Patton once said, “Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” It’s nurses like you who make the difference. Do IT!!

  16. Nicki Says:

    I have failed RN school twice in clinicals for stupid reasons. I went to LPN school 3 times and failed clinicals. The reason for failure are the attitude of the teacher. One teacher failed me because I had poka dot underwear, another because she literally told me I am not passing you. I had 3 weeks of RN school left and the instructor in Comunity HEalth kpt trying to fail me. She gave me a critical incident report because she said I had a poster that was non evidene based. Then I could only get 1 more S in clinical. Then she tried to give me an S for asking a question to make sure the patient was diagnosed right. Then she tried to give me an S because the pt had diabetic neuropathy and I had no clue. Was not diagnosed on chart, did not give ne symptoms. So finally she failed me on blood draws. I am a phlebotomist and teach it too. So I failed out with only 3 weeks left. Now what? Cant go back. I want to give up. I feel that these instructors are jealous of me. I am a pretty girl with large breasts and I think they feel threatened. What do I do?

  17. Nicki Says:

    And I have been tested for learning disabilities because I took PEds and failed it and the instructor thought I had one.

  18. CJM Says:

    You need to look at your lack of success with your grades without emotion and look at what the problem areas are. It is the testing, materials provided, clinical performance? Make a list out to see where the weaknesses are.

    Also, are you going to a large nursing school where you can get lost and don’t get the support or to a smaller school where the bias of the teacher can be an issue?

    Also, I would recommend seeking some help with the emotional issues. Apathy is a dangerous mindset to be in. Your school should provide counseling services.

  19. Terri Langston Says:

    If your dream is to be an RN do the program over and over again. I truly believe you need to know the stuff why? My mom went in Septic Shock and many of the nurses didn’t know enough. You have to know the material. You have to know the protocol. My daughter failed 2 days ago once for seeing my mom die of Septic Shock and 2nd for her grades. She forgot to read the material on Septic Shock and it was on the final. You must know the protocol of Septic Shock. My mom died because they didn’t give her an negative organism antibiotic. Good Luck to yall.

  20. JB Says:

    Hi, I know this reply is very late, but I am in the same boat and just wanted to thank everyone who had positive feedback and comments on here. It has given me a bit of confidence back and I am going to keep on attempting it.

  21. Em Says:


    So I’m going through the same exact thing, i failed nursing school twice. When you said “no job, single, no degree, and in debt” I literally cried b/c that is exactly how i felt (I got dismissed in December). I wanted to know how you’re holding up, how things turned out for you? Any advice? I’m so lost Idk where to turn, but I know I want to be a nurse.

  22. Dar Says:

    I was in a 4 year nursing program and I had 2 classes left, critical care and the practicum. Unfortunately, I was unable to get through critical course and received an A in clinical. Figure that one out!! in this class I received no help from the professors. I feel the same way, they DO NOT care about you. This all occurred in the spring of 2013. They recommended that I transfer to “social work.”. I really have no idea what to do, I need to call the lady in that department that talked to me a few months ago. I am so confused among many other emotions.

  23. GT Says:

    I just failed out of my nursing program and I gotta say that what you all said is all positive. I will keep going myself. you will keep going too OP. is a joke their all negative telling people to give up

  24. Jim Says:

    I also feel this pain and I am passing my nrsing program. My wife just found out yesterday that she failed for the second time. She is so nervous and feels that she let her family down. In fact, this amazing woman worked three twelve hour shifts while attending nursing school because we needed money. We have three sons and she did what needed to be done. I am so proud of my wife and if I could change places with her I would. I feel her hurt so bad and I have not stopped vrying every since we found out. She deserves to be a nurse because she is so good at what she does and she is such a caring person. I wish someone would start a program that would help people in situations such as this. This would be a positive thing for the nursing field. If you can hear me baby, “we are all so very proud of you, and we love you so very much.” Hold your head up, because you are an amazing human. I love you baby.

  25. Faith Says:

    Hello.I’m going to start my last semester on Nursing school in Januarry & I empathize with you & all the others bcz I know what ot’s like to be so exhausted, broke, in debt & very depressed. Nursing is my 2nd degree change bcz I was an art major & it would be exactly 6 yrs of me being in College if I make it. I know it’s hard but this too shall. I came from a religious background & I honestly believe God is guiding me bcz as undeserving as I am I know He will help me make it thru & so would u & everybody in your situation. I cried reading these posts bcz nobody will EVER understand what it’s like & the huge sacrifices we had to do for this program. Please don’t despair bcz God will never give us anything we can’t handle. I recently found out that I’m not even considered for hire at a hospital i worked at for 2 yrs as a CNA while going through the program & it’s devastating bcz I worked so hard to get this far & I’m sacred that nobody will hire me as a new grad & where will my family go? Please don’t give up bcz life is too short to wallow in our miseries. I know it’s easier said than done but if I can do it while going through so many things in life then so can do. Remember the story of Job from the bible & how never lost faith. Keep that in mind bcz our sufferings are temporary here on earth no matter what we’re going through. There were 2 people in my program who killed themselves when theuy failed & i lost a few friends on the way & one died of cancer. So many things will happen in our lives & we ask “why” but someday, Jesus will wipe all our tears away & will be forgotten except everlasting love. I’m not trying to impose my faith pn anyone bcz sometimes I don’t take my own advice. Life is hard but never give up because we have a purpose & we will make it. GODBLESS & GOODLUCK.

  26. Rufina Says:

    Hi there,
    Im a nurse from paraguay had 4 years of nursing college that i had to go through, i passed it easy it was in spanish since my mother language is german. I csme to canada in 2001 no english nothing at all never took any english courses so i just learned on the internet. I finally started to look into the nursing here my requierements and lenguage skills. So i started with all that in 2008 i paid about 5000$ to get everything transfered and translated and i became a grad Lpn nurse they gave me 18 months to write the 3chances i had. I wrote it ones, failed i wrote it again after 6months, failed again, i basically gave up and time was up and i still had one chance left but no exeption they said, now im sitting here beating myself up why i gave up??? I was to scared to try again bcuz my panic attacks r so bad when i write with so many strangers but never told anyone about it. I want to be a nurse here bit how???

  27. alissa Says:

    I know the feeling of being failed for the second time. the big hurt is that there is no empathy at all from the teachers that’s why I’m scared to go back. from the very beginning of the course, one of the teachers asked me why I need to take this course? may because English is not my language? or I come from different religion? the day that she told to go to see the coordinator, seems was so happy to give me that notice.

  28. charie Says:

    I recently failed for the first time and have one try left. We started with 48 people were down to 12 of our original class and they still have two semesters left. It hurts so bad because I’ve never been so lost or undecisive in my life..I’ve cried and cried, have been broken ever since. No matter how bad I feel the fire inside me reignite my heart screams to not waist my time going back to that particular school. It’s ashame that 1 professor that has no reason to not like you can fail you. All your hard work, time, sacrifice, money, and energy does not matter. It’s my dream so I’m not giving up, but having enough courage to walk away to a better opportunity to actually achieve my dream it’s worth it. Major setback only for a greater blessing. REMEMBER THERE WAS A REASON WE WERE CHOSEN.

  29. Kaitlin Says:

    I’m Canadian and in my school we need 60% to pass all requirement courses in nursing. I know some school that ask a average of 65%. Other then that, try a Canadian nursing school if possible. You will learn well and can even work anywhere in the world. I’m not sure about the American nursing school, but they love graduate it from a Canadian nursing school. Don’t you have a policy you can retake the class once and if failed again you’re out?

  30. Magdalynn Says:

    I had come upon this discussion by chance after putting “failed nursing school twice transfer”. For this has just recently happened to me this past Fall semester. I’m looking into places for me to go with the help of some classmates and my instructor. I completely understand what you are going through and thank you to all those who left their words of encouragement and support. I’ve been telling other non-nursing school people and they seem to not get the degree of how difficult nursing school is with their comments of, “You failed again?”. It stings…only someone who’s been in nursing school, not just “college” would understand. Keep your head up and try again. I’m doing the same

  31. Julia Says:

    Ditto here. I failed Pharm and Skills my first year, then retook them and received A’s in them! When it came time to take Health Alterations, I failed, and that was my last chance. I was kicked out. I then went through the arduous process of applying to THREE different nursing schools in my area. They all agreed to accept my transfer credits, but they all have a policy that they need a letter from my nursing school stating I was a student in good standing. When they received the letter stating I was on probation, none of the schools allowed me in. I have just sent a letter to my nursing school BEGGING them to let me back in. I have spent almost $20K in that year and have NOTHING to show for it. I am now about to start Respiratory Therapy school, but I keep hearing there are NO JOBs in that. I want to go back and at LEAST get my LPN!!!!!! HELP!

  32. Julia Says:

    Everyone here keeps saying “start again”! Well I would consider that – if I had not already racked up thousands trying to get through nursing school the first time. “starting again” is not an option for me. If I can’t find a school that will allow me to TRANSFER in despite my failure — I think I’m just doomed.

  33. roz Says:

    i failed RN program twice also, like you in debt and still a nursing assistant. it was so depressing and embarassing not only to myself but to my family that i let them down. But there’s this feeling that i should go back and try again. Last i was in school was in 2011. Two of my instructors told me i should consider another career path. Imagine my confidence being sabotaged when i heard that. Now im not sure if i go back in i wonder if i can still qualify for financial aid.

  34. roz Says:

    oh btw, i am 48 years old. is there hope for me?

  35. “Jay” Says:

    I don’t even think I need to write. Everything you said Is exactly what I went through! I mean exactly! I had to scroll up again to make sure that I didn’t write this way back when! The thing is after I failed twice my school decided to give me a BA in public health education. In my mind I said ok maybe this could get me a decent job! Nope!! I am struggling to find a job! All the jobs I look at on indeed they want nurses to work for them! I am so angry because I see the people I went to school with are happy with their career and I’m over here sulking with a useless degree. I think about the money I spent, the late night studying, the early morning clinicals, the nights I would go to bed depress because I got a bad grade, Just for them to turn around and tell me I failed because of 2 points! It’s been a year and I am still devasted! I just feel so lost. I think I want to go back but right now I don’t have the money and my financial aids ran out! So I definitely get were you are coming from!

  36. Jeanne Says:

    My daughter failed one of her last classes by .5 and the other by 1.4. Her instructors said she could repeat the classes; however, she has to retake all of her previous finals and pass them again, plus check out on all previously passed procedures again. Has anyone had that requirement placed on them?

  37. Nique Says:

    Failed rn program 3 times….failed lpn once….going back next year. Yes failure sucks..but unfortunately. .I can’t see myself doing anything else. Healthcare is my calling. I never wanted to have a career as a “nursing student” lol….but unfortunately life happens…sometimes beyond our control. Apply for scholarships. harder….take time off to gather thoughts and regroup…but never give up…once you do….you’re going to beat yourself up..wishing that you didn’t! Good luck you guys…stay encouraged…stay motivated

  38. Mar Says:

    Those of you that failed more than twice and are able to go back to the same school or elsewhere please give us the program ‘s contact info so we can try our luck.

  39. Momma Says:

    My son failed in his 2nd to last semester, after an unsuccessful appeal, he has to leave the program. Due to additional ADD meds not being regulated and the breakup with his fiancé. In the state of Louisiana in a BSN nursing program if you fall twice you are out of the program and no RN program will let you transfer without a “letter of good standing” from your previous university. If anyone has a suggestion on what other options are available to become a RN it would be greatly appreciated.

  40. joanne Says:

    Nique what school did you attend

  41. Lisbeth Says:

    I am now in the same predicament at 22 years old just failed by 1 % my nursing school program requires you to wait one whole year to go back but I am thinking of transfering somewhere else but at the same time i’m scared of transferring and failing again. I am smart but when it comes to HESI tests I let my anxiety get the best of me. I am starting to rethink doing nursing at all. I literally gave it my all the past year , barely any social life, all weekends studying and yet not good enough.

  42. Lisa Says:

    My daughter is a JR. And in the same boat. We have taken out almost 40G in loans so far and I watch her bust her ass in school to be totally destroyed by getting a C. Just back in the 1950s a nurse did not even need a degree, it breaks my heart to hear all these stories of so many students who would make great nurses and struggled a little. We all struggle in life and sometimes average should be ok not to kill a dream or career!! It seems to me that these schools are doing more weeding out than actually helping these kids meet their goals and then take out money! I think all you kids who have had this experience should start a movement to make a change – out Dean said she wishes she could make some changes to the program but is not allowed to ??? I have encountered so many nurses in my life that may be book smart but really should not be a nurse at all!!’ Then it sets me on fire that kids who are willing to work as hard as they can can’t get extra credit for a few dam points! What are these schools doing setting up our kids to fail and loose all hope in their career dream, it’s discusting! The schools should be empowering our youth and helping them succeed not making them depressed and over turned and hopeless!! Failed students – BAN TOGETHER! Start a group and fight fir change! If you want it bad enough go after it and make a change, it may be a long hard fight but look at history, women got the right to vote and fight in battle! Work together as group because there are a lot of you abd get some criteria CHANGED!

  43. Stacy Says:

    I’m going through a similar situation. Let me tell you my story… My school requires an 80% from the 4 exam average to pass before they can add points from bonus & homework. Ended up getting a 79.2% in pharmacology, went to the teacher to see what i can do but she refused to help me and told me I have to reapply to the program spring semester if i want to continue with nursing . Mind you, its not guaranteed that i’ll get accept again and I have to sit out fall semeter because application deadline aleady passed. I’m depressed, crushed, doscouraged, angry, embarrassed all the above. All ive been doing now is talking to family and friends, and theyre doing a great job getting me through this. I don’t want to give up and I know its hard but I can do it. While waiting to reaaply, I’m also looking into applying to other schools, maybe that 80% isnt for me. Maybe I should try a school with 70-78% average. I found a school with a lower average to pass & recently turning in my transcript to apply for their program as my back up plan. Moral of the story, Ive learned if nursing is really what you want, go for it. Go above & beyond to get what you want. If i get accepted into the 70-78% average school, i’ll have to move from where i live and go stay on campus because it’s 53 minutes away. I’m willing to sacrife everything.

  44. Julia Says:

    I’m 58 years old. I got to the point in nursing a few years ago where I had passed absolutely everything. I had to repeat a few classes though. Came to the last class at the end of my first year – Health Alterations and failed it. Repeated that class and failed it again by 3 points. That is how close I was to testing for my LPN at least. Then I got into Respiratory Therapy. Got to the end of the third semester. Passed all finals except the last one. Since my overall average was less than 75 they kicked me out of the program. At least most of you are young, you have many options. I am close to retirement now so having to re-think absolutely everything. Anyone know of a school will allow a student to take Health Alterations after failing twice without a letter of recommendation from the previous school???

  45. Kit Says:

    I know this is an old thread but my daughter had a similar circumstance and any advise wold be helpful.She took a ADN nursing course, passed with 2 failures early one in pharm one in nurss lecture and her last semester, photos taken, paid for pin, and failed the final. This madd er average for the semester a 74.8, needed a 77. Moshe was dismissed from the program and told School only alternative is to apply to their LPN program for another 3 semesters then take a bridge lpn?RN. She tried to appeal the decision but was told she didn’t meet the criteria for an appeal. She is now am forced to continue to work as a CNA until she can save enough to start school all over for a lesser degree.. Are the any alternatives. She wSeems rather odd to me that you can fail your Stte exam several times and retake it yet you fail a semester of school and your out of the picture. She did well in all her clinical. Thanks any advise as she is really depressed over the entire circumstance.

  46. Lisa Says:

    I am one ANGRY momma bear. Makes me sick that these teachers in nursing school are DREAM KILLERS. My daughter failed her winter term last year by 2%…was devastated but mustered up the drive to go back and pass…then got to Spring term and was doing ok…but failed 1 of 3 exams by 2%…THESE NURSING PROGRAMS need to understand the investment of money..blood..sweat and tears these kids put in and have a system that will allow kids who are a hairs breath from succeeding to take an additional 5 question test that addresses the same subject but phrased differently. MY GOD…nursing is not all about academics…they have to have character and bedside manner and be “called” to this. My daughter has had heart issues since 10 years old..siezures, tumors and then cardiac arrest at age 25…she has battled her butt off to be here and deserves more. She never complains..and never gives up…but now…in debt no job…and most likely her GPA will suffer as to not allow her back into the program. I AM JUST SO ANGRY..SO PISSED…AND THINK THIS IS THE BIGGEST INJUSTICE. With all the things she has faced in her life…we never give up …and we push forward…but as a mom…it is so hard to watch the world smack your kid down so often….She really needs a win….no wonder kids kill themselves…the world tells them they are a failure all the time.

  47. mary Says:

    My daughter is at a community college has a bachelor degree graduated summa cum laude went to this c college for nursing a accerated program passed the first two semesters and repeated the next to last and is failing she is very upset as she will not be able to go back and is 26 has no idea what to do. These schools want students hospitals need nurses and the pass rate is ridiculous,they make it so difficult and when you become a nurse,you have to specialize and some of the nurses are so dumb I dont know hoew they got through school,so I think these professors need to help these students more and then giving these AtI EXAMS TO MAKE THINGS WORSE Have to look for another school for her!

  48. Renee Says:

    I live in MA,did not pass NCA1, and had to repeat it. I passed, but did not pass NCA2 by less than 2 points. The community college does not allow for a second chance. They suggested that I go through a 10-month LPN program, and obtain my license.I can then reapply to the college, but would have to retake what I have already passed, along with the final one I did not. That is the most perplexing thing I have ever heard. I am great clinically, but had a hard time with the regular exams. I have always had the praises of my professors, and am disappointed that not one of them has gone to bat for me. I think that it is highly unethical to force someone to spend extra money they do not have, and jump through hoops to get a degree. Some people test well and are horrible nurses…I’ve talked to other schools, and they have even more hoops to jump through. Does anyone out there know how I and others with the same situation can overcome this? Has anyone ever been able to challenge the “twice failed, no second chance” policy? How is this even legal?

  49. Star in the sky Says:

    Wow I really needed to hear this because I’m kinda in the same position now on the point of withdrawawing from med surg before I fail.. I’m studying yet failing and asking my professor for help isn’t working

  50. NE Peoples Says:

    Right now I am at a loss. I have been an LPN in the Midwest. I am in my last class in RN school and have passed ATI and clinicals. I have failed my first 2 Exams and need a 90 to pass the course. This school is notorious for taking your money and not passing student so their NCLEX scores look good. I would cry but I am just stunne and depressed.I just look around and think, “Why am I here just to get tortured?”I am walking around during the day in a nightmare count down to fail.I have put my life on hold for this. I can’t believe Im getting kicked out of Nursing School. I don’t want to take this class again with the same teacher. Non of my schooling will transfer. There is a nursing shortage and these schools are maximizing profits off failing us. I know my stuff, I just don’t think in terms of trick nursing questions. Non of my answers are wrong. I would never hurt a patient. They are just not what the test takers are looking for. Thank you for sharing your similar stories. Nobody seems to understand the suffering situation I am in financially and otherwise.

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