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Mail Fraud Conviction

23 years ago I was convicted of 1 count of mail fraud. This is a federal conviction that cannot be expunged. I am an RN in California. Just recently, the California Board of Registered Nursing has started to require RN's to submit live scan records. This will be the first time this has come up and my criminal conviction will be revealed. I am very scared that this conviction will cause my license to be revoked. Does anybody know what my chances are for keeping my license? Thank you.


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One Response to “Mail Fraud Conviction”

  1. Gigi Says:

    Check the rules for existing RN’s. If you already have your license, are they going to make you submit fingerprints? Or is this a new procedure, only for new RN’s in California? Call your Board of Nursing in California to find out. You don’t have to give them your name or why you’re asking. Never let your license lapse, or else you’ll wind up having to take a refresher and a “mini exam” AND submit fingerprints to get your license back.

    The problem, as you know, will be that this conviction will show up if they run your prints, and I’m assuming that you didn’t tell the board about this conviction, which will look worse if found out and you didn’t tell the board. If you DO have to submit fingerprints, I would inform the board of the earlier conviction as soon as possible first, before they find out through your FBI report/fingerprint. Again, the problem will be that you didn’t disclose this in the first application, and they may have kept your application as proof that you did not disclose.
    Please let me know how it goes and if you do have to be fingerprinted.

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