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Our Mission

The mission of RealityRN is to host an open and honest conversation for new nurses about the gap between what they learned in nursing school and the often harsh reality of the workplace.

As the host for the conversation, the staff at RealityRN promotes these values:

Pro-Nurse. You may not be in the right job, but you’re in the right profession. The conversation at RealityRN is all about staying—figuring out how to navigate your frustrations in your work environment.

Safe. At RealityRN, nurses can say what’s on their mind without fear of reprisal from management or from peers whom they know, or others. At RealityRN, new nurses can find and connect with others who experience the same issues and frustration.

Provocative. The conversation at RealityRN is meant to raise your eyebrow.

Truthful. RealityRN is about the unvarnished reality of what nurses encounter at work. The conversation succeeds only if new nurses speak the truth as they see it.

Hopeful. The conversation is also practical—offering real solutions, as opposed to “management-speak” or “ideas that should work.”

Humorous. There’s a reason for the cartoons—it’s okay to laugh about the pain.

The Right Fit. If you love your job, great. If not, there are a million options for you in the nursing profession. No need to leave it. RealityRN wants to connect you with nurses in other specialties and expose you to other types of work environments—to help you stay in the profession and find a job that both pays the bills and provides fulfillment.

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