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Become a RealityRN Sponsor

Do you want to reach nurses in their 20s with your product or service? RealityRN is the perfect opportunity to get your products and services to a targeted market of nursing professionals.  Become a sponsor on RealityRN and focus your marketing efforts.

RealityRN is a social media community comprised primarily of student nurses and new nurses who have less than 2 to 3 years of experience. The average age of nurses who have registered with us is 23. For a brief overview of the demographics of our community, download this PowerPoint file RRNdemographics.ppt

The community of RealityRN also includes a subset of more experienced nurses who mentor those just earning their wings. RealityRN is an engaged, active community of nursing professionals.

To view our sponsorship rate sheet, download this Word document RRNsponsorships_2011.pdf

To contact RealityRN’s business development vice president directly, email [email protected].

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