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Any hope?

Is there any hope that I could get ms rn license back after being revolked for 7 years for drug charges that got dropped, I've been mad for 7 years for getting busted with 1/2 joint, drug paraphernalia and fake urine in my car that wasn't even mine, I gave up on life and desperately need some kind of hope in life or should I bow out gracefully. I was a nurse for almost 25 years, it was my soul, I love taking good care of ppl. I turned my life around when I was 20 years old, worked my way threw school, then had my life taking away, I just want to be proud of me and let someone know there is hope and if you believe God has a plan for you. I'm tired of always being hungry and the abuse I take from my bf. I believe one day he's going to kill me, use to be strong, now just broken.

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