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RN with misdemeanor petty theft conviction

I am going to school for nursing when I found myself in this mess. Although it was not my fault, saying that will not help me from here on out. I am going to try and get a diversion plan from the da and if that doesn't work, eventually get this expunged. I know that I have to notify the state when I take the test but I have a few concerns.. and any input would be useful...

1. I called a few schools and they said they do accept individuals with records, has anybody ever had any problem with this?

2. Is it even worth going for if the board is not going to license me? I have read a lot of mixed reviews and am so worried... I know that if the board okay's me and I have gotten it expunged or entered a diversion program I can honestly answer no when employers asked if i have been convicted because the case will state dismissed rather than convicted..

3. Has anyone else been offered a diversion program? Should I take in my current grades and class schedule to show them I have a dream and want to fix this...

please help and let me know... I am so stressed I haven't ate much or even slept over the past 72 hours since this mess happened... I am so fearful my dreams are gone before they even began..


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  1. T Says:

    Any updates? Am going through something similar.

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