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Husband wants to go to Nursing School -Past criminal background

I am an LPN that is beginning an LPN to RN program in the fall.

My husband has a bachelors degree in business. He has a great paying job with a company he has been with for many years, but he works 70-80 hours a week and hates it. He has always wanted to help people and make a difference.

After much research, he has decided to apply to the nursing school that I go to. The only issue is, he had a 10+ year old criminal background. There are 5 charges from the time he was in college at the age of 18 (he is almost 36 now) to his most recent charge in 2009.

His charges are contributing to a minor (in college he bought beer and an underage person was there), a college marijuana charge, 2 DUIs from right when he turned 21 and then a possession of illegal substance charge from 2009. All of these are misdemeanors.

Since then he has not used or been in contact with anything. He has worked a stable job, gotten married, had children and is an amazing man. He can get his record expunged, but it is pretty expensive in our area. He will have it all expunged before he takes his NCLEX.

He goes to speak with the nursing school the 1st week of July. Would this type of background prevent him from becoming an RN?

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