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Greeting New Doctors

Greeting New Doctors

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One Response to “Greeting New Doctors”

  1. Safaa Says:

    You will be taking bgoloiy, chemistry, anatomy, pharmacology, psychology and that’s just the science classes. You need to decide if you will go to a community college for your associate degree (2 years) or a 4 year college/university for your bachelor degree. Make sure that the college is approved by your state’s Board of Registered Nursing. Once you have either degree you need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam in the state you wish to work. Check the pass percentage of the college too. The advantage in going for your bachelor’s is promotion to supervisor or if you choose to get your master’s later. If you wanted to go for Physician Assistant the bachelor’s (BSN) would come in quite handy! Nursing is growing like crazy and the growth is expected to continue for quite some time. Great career!

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