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Failed and dismissed from BSN program in Californai 6 weeks from graduation

SHORT VERSION: I failed out of BSN program in last semester for being tardy and I cant find another program (ADN or BSN) that will accept me because of it. Is there anyway to become an RN now that I failed? I know I can challenge the LVN exam, but can I bridge to an RN from LVN on a challenged LVN license?

I began the SSU BSN program as a non nursing post-bac student. Within a month my husband had a psychotic break and my personal life began to spiral. I became a single mom, with no income and a daughter with special needs. Each semester I struggled to make it to class and clinicals on time. But ultimately, with coaching and support from faculty, I finished three semesters with As and Bs. At the end of the third semester I decided that I would rather withdraw for the semester than to fail. I sent an email to the director of the nursing program and cc'd the other faculty. I stated my official intent to withdraw and asked for advisement on how to proceed. My director called me to hear me out and to assess whether there may be anything that could be done to help me continue and succeed in the following (final) semester. We discussed preceptorship placements that would be easier to manage along with my home life responsibilities. In the end I did not get a placement that I could commit to.  Still I tried my best. Early in the semester I suffered a back injury, I thought it was a strain that turned out to be a herniated disc. Before I could get my wits together and withdraw from the program I failed both clinical classes for tardiness and poor communication with my supervising professor. I was only allowed to repeat one course but since I failed 2 I failed all four and was dismissed from the program. There is still a small possibility that I may be granted a retroactive withdrawal but I wont know until the Fall.

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