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Rookie Wit & Wisdom
Fond Remembrances of Nursing School

I am a second degree nursing student.  On August 2, 2008, I will be a new nurse. Fifteen months of full-time school with classes and clinicals Monday through Friday (and at times, Saturday) is intimidating. But I was told over and over by friends, family, and faculty that I could do it!  After all, it’s only 15 months—and a person can do just about anything for a limited period of time.

Looking back, I can honestly say that I loved my 15 months of nursing school.  Sure it was rough having to get up at 5 AM to drive an hour to clinicals, or spending my weekends writing care plan after care plan, or staying up night after night to study for exams.  But those experiences were all part of the package.

Friendship is what made those 15 months sweet and rewarding. I was thrown together with 18 other second degree students. For almost a year and a half, we attended the same classes, lectures, and clinicals--it felt as though we were living the same life.

It was that kindred spirit that allowed us to sympathize and commiserate with each other.  When one student was struggling, we rallied and supported that student.  The same was true regarding success. When one rejoiced, we all rejoiced!  We entered this program as strangers, but left as friends. And I’m not sure I could have made it without them.

We banded together to make sure that everyone in our cohort of 19 succeeded.  We put together study guides, organized big study groups, and carpooled.  And after almost every exam, we celebrated together.  At the end of each semester, we had a “Nurse Celebration”: 1/4 of a Nurse Celebration”; a “1/2 a Nurse Celebration”; a “3/4 of a Nurse Celebration”; and a “Complete Nurse Celebration” upon graduation.

In my opinion, being in nursing school is not that unlike starting your first job as a new nurse.  You work on a unit with the same staff, day in and day out.  You have to learn to get along and to communicate with one another. You share in each other’s struggles, and you rejoice and celebrate in each other’s successes.

You learn to rely on other staff members, and eventually, if you are lucky, you become friends.

Nursing school was my first step of my nursing career, where I learned much more than theory and procedures. I mingled with future colleagues and co-workers—and made lifelong friends.  My advice to students is to use this time wisely.  Make sure your growth is well-rounded.  Seek out opportunities to hang out with your fellow students – get to know them as individuals and become their friends.

Your life will be enriched as a result.  I know mine was.

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3 Responses to “Fond Remembrances of Nursing School”

  1. Mallori Walker Says:

    Nice job Jenny!

  2. Damaris81 Says:

    Thanks Mal 🙂

  3. Cindy Says:

    Love it and I really have no idea about the craziness of nursing school or what you are going to experience as a nurse. You worked hard for this – you always do. You are wonderful!

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