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There is no doubt that one of the most crucial relationships in human dynamics is the relationship between a mother and her child. Secure attachment of the infant to his mother or her surrogate is crucial to normal growth and development and an integral part of a child’s ability to develop a sense of mastery, identity and self-worth. Although current trends in post-natal care in [...]
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The Patricia Benner nursing theory is a concept based on education. It is the belief that any individual can master the knowledge and necessary skills to be a professional of high quality, if they first lay down a solid foundation and build upon it. It involves developing the hands-on clinical experience while also maintaining a very sound educational base to combine with the experience.

Patricia Benner [...]
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Nursing Theories

The helpful art of nursing has evolved over the years. It maintains its main goal of assisting people who have needs in terms of coping with limited capabilities. There are times when people may require assistance just to achieve an acceptable level of health and independence.

Through studying all the aspects of nursing, Ernestine Wiedenbach was able to develop her own theory based on this principle [...]
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Nursing Theories

The Self Care Deficit Theory is the brainchild of Dorothea Orem. She is the recipient of various honorary degrees as well as many professional awards. She has experience in pediatrics, operating rooms, emergency rooms, surgical units, and adult medical units. She has been involved as a nurse in the offices of staff, administrator, private duty, consultant, directors, and professor.

This nursing theory states that every individual [...]
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