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I am a freshman in college and also doing an internship at a local hospital. I have watch two IVs get put in and have either fainted or come extremely close. I have paced over other job possibilities and nursing is the only one i would truly love and enjoy doing. I want to help people but im not sure if i can get over this 'issue'. Should i keep trying to adapt to needles and the sight of blood or am i doomed?


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One Response to “fainting!”

  1. Leanna Says:

    Hi Mandy,

    I couldn’t help but laugh because I had the same problem too. My Senior year of highschool I had to do an internship and I was in the ER at the local hospital. My first day I watched a NP stitch up a guys foot that was cut by a weed wacker right down to his bone and I had to sit down because I almost passed out. THEN, another day I watched a doctor stitch up a guys finger and had to sit down because I felt faint.

    Now, I am a new nurse of 7 months and love it. I love blood and guts and scrapes and bruises. The one thing I still get queezy about is bones…not my thing…yet.

    So, stick with it!!! This guy I know fainted plenty of times because of blood and he is now in school to be a doctor. So, it’s not impossible to get over. The more you see it the better you will probably do. Good luck and best wishes!

    Leanna 🙂

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