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How do I get through clinicals?

I am having a hard time getting through the Labor and Delivery clinical rotation. I get really sick seeing the birthing process. I also hate Nursery because of the crying babies and I'm just not a baby person. I feel like my lack of interest in Nursery and my inability to be in delivery has really hindered my ability to focus. Can I fail clinicals because of my refusal to be in the delivery room? How can I be more focused in Nursery?


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One Response to “How do I get through clinicals?”

  1. Natacha Says:

    Depends on the school and if it is a two year or four year. In a two year pogrram, it is best and most places want your pre-reqs done before you are accepted into nursing school. The first year you only get a month break during the summer and go directly into your RN year. The college that I attended, we had theory three days a week from 8-3 and clinicals two days a week from 630 am-12 pm. That did not include the papers we had to write, the studying for tests, the reading or course work. Its not just 9 to 9 its weekends and holidays. Good Luck!!

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