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I'm final yr student of graduation with 2 yrs experience.i jst wnt to knw whether nclex is really hard tough to pass it in 1 st attempt?


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2 Responses to “nclex”

  1. Joann Says:

    no NCLEX is not hard to pass. If you know the basics, you will pass on your first attempt. you have to relax, breath and be confident. DO NOT LISTEN to the horror stories on how tough it is. another advice is DO NOT OVERSTUDY, this may confuse you, depend on the basic knowledge, and standard of practice you have encountered as a student and apply it. Welcome to the wonderful world of Nursing. it can be a fulfilling career. enjoy.

  2. Stacy Says:

    I took the NCLEX in September, and passed on first attempt. I was mentally exhausted after, but it is not that hard to pass. I read that 85% pass on the first attempt. I agree with Joann- do not overstudy and KNOW the BASICS. Always think ABC’s. I took a review class from Hurst and it really helped me focus on the basics from each semester, but you can find alot of information tips online if you don’t want to take a class. I would also recommend practicing with lots of NCLEX type questions – there are several books available, just look for one that fits you. NCLEX questions are different from regular multiple choice, and even though my instructors gave NCLEX style questions on tests every semester, I found the practice books helped a great deal and got me in the right frame of mind for the actual test. I didn’t study any of my notes from school, and I passed with the minimum of 75 questions, and it took less than 2 hours.

    One tip that helped me on the “select all that apply” questions, which were my biggest challenge, was to look at each answer as a true/false in regards to the question. This really helped, as well as reading each questions at least twice to really understand what was being asked. Usually all answers are medically correct, you just have to make sure the answer fits what is being asked.

    Also, it helped me to remember I just had to get more right than wrong – don’t think about it like a test you want to pass with an A, just more right than wrong.

    So RELAX, practice questions, know the basics and focus on ABC’s and you will be fine.

    Congratulations on finishing nursing school – it is a wonderful accomplishment!

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