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Will this keep me from being accepted?

Hello everyone! About 2 weeks ago I sent in an application for a nursing program at a local hospital. For the question "Have you ever been accused or convicted of a crime other than a routine traffic violation?" I checked the "yes" box. About a year ago, my son and I were having SEVERE financial issues and yes, I wrote a couple of bad checks just so I could feed my family. Well, this past February (5 months ago), I was arrested for this. The case was dismissed and everything has been paid up. However, when they do my background check, they WILL see that on there. The thing I'm concerned about is that it was only 5 months ago that I got in trouble for that, so it's going to be considered "recent". I'm 45 years old and really don't have "all the time in the world" to change careers.

That is the only thing they will see on my background check. I've never even gotten a speeding ticket!!

Do you think this is going to cause them to not admit me, seeing as how it was so recent? On the other hand, I keep telling myself it wasn't THAT bad an offense. What do you think? Thanks!!


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