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Finding Nursing Scholarships

Nursing Scholarships

Becoming a nurse is all about education. Getting started in nursing school can be a challenge for some. The jobs are readily available, because the nursing profession has been suffering from a shortage for quite a few years now. It is a very noble profession and requires a certain kind of person to step into it and do it well. You have to love helping others, have compassion, understanding, and patience. If you have all these traits, and can combine them with a capability and willingness to learn, then nursing could be a dream job for you, and getting a scholarship to a good nursing school could be the beginning of a dream career.

A Nursing career comes with many options for those who seek it. If you are interested in working at a local facility, then you can work that out. For those with adventurous spirits, there are traveling nurses, who get to see exotic hot-spots and work at different venues for months at a time, as they travel and see the world. Nursing holds the kind of opportunities that can make your life very rewarding and fulfilled. Knowing that what you do helps so many others is a feeling that is totally satisfying and beyond compare. Those who need you will truly appreciate your kindness, understanding, patience, and support. And there are many. They will also appreciate your competence and professionalism.

Educational Paths

There are basically 3 routes to becoming an RN. In order to be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN license exam, you need to satisfactorily complete one of these 3 degree programs. Upon passing this exam, you will then be able to practice your craft as an RN (registered nurse). Here are the 3 main routes -

  1. ADN - The first of these 3 requires at least 2 years of study, to earn the college credits necessary for obtaining your ADN (Associate's Degree in Nursing). The courses will include some science and liberal arts with a main focus on the technical aspects involved in nursing.

  2. BSN - These 4-year programs are basic entry-level programs. They admit those students who have no previous nursing education or training, awarding them a baccalaureate nursing degree. These programs usually place a strong emphasis on science and research, with some general education included as well. You can also find '2nd Baccalaureate Programs', which are accelerated programs designed for students who hold baccaluareate degrees from other disciplines. They don't require any previous nursing education and take less time to complete than generic baccaluareate programs.

  3. EL-MSN - These programs are for graduates with non-nursing bachelors degrees. They will admit students who have a baccalaureate degree from another discipline. They don't require previous nursing education. They will prepare their graduates for entering the nursing profession by awarding them a master's degree in nursing. These ARE NOT nursing programs for advanced practices like Clinical Nurse Specialist, Mid Wife, or Anesthesiologist, etc. Some of these programs will admit students who possess an associate's degree, and they can take from two to three years to complete.

Nurses are indeed in high demand. This profession is projected to grow to become the 'second' most popular career in comparison to all other professions for students nationwide. The increase in employment is expected to grow at above-average rates. Luckily, for many aspiring nurses there have been many nursing scholarship opportunities created. These are aimed at helping new students obtain their degrees. Financial aid is nearly always available, and you can conduct free online searches to see what scholarships you may be eligible for.

Always remember that there are other scholarships you might qualify for as well, that are not connected to your major, but just for education in general. Another thing to keep in mind is that online education has arrived. Not so long ago online schools were frowned upon, as skepticism about the Internet was high. However, there has been an online explosion as these institutions have proven themselves to be just as legit as the old brick and mortar schools. They are turning out totally qualified graduates in just about any profession you can think of and enabling people who could not otherwise get an education, the opportunity to change their lives.

Nursing scholarships are available in many places. It just takes getting online and getting started with your search. There is no end to the scholarships to be found. You simply need to sit down and sift through them, to find which ones fit with your plans and needs, and then apply.

Here is a good link to kick-start your search for nursing scholarships:

Nursing Scholarship Search

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One Response to “Finding Nursing Scholarships”

  1. ChristineT Says:

    I work for a company which just started a nursing scholarship. The award isn’t fixed yet (it’s $10k to be divided among an unknown total number of recipients), no deadline, no limit except you’ve got to be either enrolled in a nursing program or accepted to one “approved by a state board of nursing and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education at a school eligible to participate in the Federal student financial assistance programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended.”.


    We really do want to give these bucks away. Thanks! 🙂

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