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Funniest Nursing Stories
Into the Pan it Goes

So it was my first day of clinicals and I had an older woman who was on some serious opioids and she had severe diarrhea. I was in the middle of giving her a bedbath and she tells me that she needs the bedpan quickly. After she does her business, I try to slowly remove the bedpan from under her. As I’m moving away from her bed, my I.D. comes unclipped from my top and falls into the bedpan full of watery diarrhea. I was mortified. Later on that day my clinical instructor makes an example out of me to everyone telling them to make sure their I.D.’s are on right before they transport feces.

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3 Responses to “Into the Pan it Goes”

  1. Marissa Says:

    The same thing happened to me, on my very first clinical day! I was horrified. My instructor didnt try to make an example of me though.

  2. JoEllen Says:

    It happened to my WATCH. My favorite watch. It was an elastic watch band and when I went to change a poopy diaper the chuck caught on the watch and off it flew, right into the pile of C. diff poo!

  3. David Says:

    This is why I don’t wear nice(r) things while at work. You never know what might happen to your favorite watch or best pair of scissors. Your option is to gown up like the patient is on isolation, it’ll save your tweetie bird scrubs from some serious putty scat. I had to do that on more than one occassion, one woman had it literally up to her armpits…first time I had stiff drink as the sun was coming up (night shifts blur the lines for diagnosing alcoholism)

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