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Funniest Nursing Stories
Laundry Woman

I work on a respiratory unit but we usually have a mix of everything…so one night one of my patients was a little confused lately who kept getting out of bed and wandering…so I set her up with a recliner and a bedside table at the nurses station and gave her a whole bunch of towels and face cloths to “fold for me” she was completely amused and stayed busy so I could pass my meds…I noticed she was done and getting fidgety so I brought her some more and she said “Miss, I’m an old lady and I’m tired, you’re young. Didn’t your mother ever teach you how to do your own laundry?” So cute.

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One Response to “Laundry Woman”

  1. xodelilahox Says:

    Aww!! That is the cutest story!! Kudos to you! you kept a confused and risk for a fall little old lady busy! They always teach us that in school! def. a cute story!

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