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ACLS written test - Right to have a copy for my CE records?

I recently passed the written test for ACLS. I, unfortunately, was absent for partII-Megacode skills checkoff, that was scheduled the following morning. I realize that I need to complete that portion of the course in order to obtain my ACLS card. I requested a copy of my written exam, for my records, so that I may have an ACLS educator from our Local American Red Cross go through the Megacode skills portion/skills checkoff, so that I can recieve my ACLS card. The Clinical Educator at the Hospital where I was working at that time (april2009), had stated; " it wasn't hospital policy"--I'm confused hospital policy? ACLS is under the jurisdiction of the American Heart Association. Don't I have a right to have a copy of my CEUs for my records? I am a Travel Nurse, and it is has been experience, that on 2 other occasions, the class portion/written exam & the megacode weren't Always scheduled on the same day or even at the same site. Not the most convenient, but most acceptable and expected sometimes in the world of travel nursing. Do I have a right to ask for a copy of my sucessfully, completed written exam portion of my ACLS course?

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3 Responses to “ACLS written test – Right to have a copy for my CE records?”

  1. C Miller Says:

    You could receive a letter stating you passed the written test but until you are an instructor, you cannot have a copy of the written test. AHA is strict about that. It could get out and everyone would already know the answers. It would defeat the purpose of written testing to evaluate whether or not learning had taken place.

  2. KLL Says:

    Also, generally CEUs aren’t given for ACLS. And, you have mentioned doing your megacode skills test with a Red Cross Instructor, they are not the same as American Heart.

  3. Amy Says:

    I think it would also depend on who paid for the course. Did you pay for it or the hospital?

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