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conditional license preventing employment

I started off as a new grad in a very very busy surgical floor with a huge learning curve ahead of me...I made some mistakes (or as I am approaching them now learning experiences) and unfortunately had conditions placed on my license as a result. I have worked closely with the registration body and am good to go in thier eyes-with the conditions mind you- that I have my employer submit reports at 6 and 12 months) and otherwise I can practice.

I have to tell all potential employers what happened (which is something I have no problem with)and am constantly getting back things along the lines of "thank you for being honest and upfront...but we don't have the support system in place to help you"

How do I get employers to realize that although I have made errors previously (and I do tell them what I have done further along to change my practices), I am fully capable of doing the job at hand and that I would be a welcome addition to their facility/ward??

It's getting frustrating to know that there are places screaming for nurses out there but that I, a fully capable and qualified nurse, am basically being stopped before I can show what I am capable of.

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