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LVN with a petty theft misdemeanor


I am 39 years old LVN California resident. 6 months ago, i shoplifted a $52.00 item (Hair conditioner) from a store and was caught. I was booked but my lawyer turned the accusation into an infraction.

I have nothing on my criminal records, however, I was told that the police records (fingerprints, pictures) will remain in my records.

I am looking into getting a license in the state of TX. Can anyone tell me what are my changes of obtaining license in the State of Texas with an arrest for misdemeanor (No conviction) on my records?

Your answer will be greatly appreciated.


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One Response to “LVN with a petty theft misdemeanor”

  1. AJ Says:

    I too am from CA & you may still receive your TX LVN by endorsement because I received a misdemeanor conviction while on contract IN TX & both of my licenses remain in good standing. Good Luck.

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