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Failing the NCLEX

Can I take the rn nclex in ny after failing it 3 time in florida?

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4 Responses to “Failing the NCLEX”

  1. HeyThere Says:

    Gosh I hope not. There’s enough idiot nurses out there as it is. The NCLEX is a joke. An entry level exam that a halfway trained 15 year old could pass. If you can’t pass it then you don’t need to be caring for patients.

  2. nellu202 Says:

    Yes you can. Good luck.

  3. PositiveVibes Says:

    Just because you fail the NCLEX 3 times doesn’t indicate that your an idiot. Only those with comments like “HeyThere, show that compassion may not be one of their strong qualities.” “Encourage don’t discourge.” There are enough negative things going on in this world, please don’t add on with useless opinions.

  4. MaleNurse Says:

    Hey I fell the NCLEX two times. I know it can be discouraging but you have worked really hard and whats for you is for you. I can’t believe HeyThere can say such an ignorant comment. That just shows you that idiots pass the test as well. Just because you failed the test doesn’t make you an idiot. Pray, study hard try doing Hurst Review thats what helped me. Good Luck and claim it. Call the State Board of nursing where u would like to take the exam and find out what requirements to retest in their state. It will all work out for you. I will be praying for you. 🙂

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